• KidLego09

    Hello, hello. It is I, Noah, Kid, whatever. I'm currently planning a Total Drama fanfiction of mine, called Total Drama: Destruction Island. I wish I could animate this to be honest, but for now, while I can't, you guys can have a cast preview because I'm in a good mood and I wanna share! (Shoutout to inspirations Bonkile and the actual show Total Drama)


    Victor - The Cute Nature Lover - Is good-looking, and cares about wildlife and nature.

    Gregg - The Alaskan - Is from Alaska, is focused, generous, shy, independent, and has a fear of grizzly bears.

    Brenda - The Intelligent Vegan - Is intelligent, wants to be a doctor, and is a vegan.

    Britney - The Popular Social Girl - Was voted prom princess, loves fashion, is on social media all day, and is ch…

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  • KidLego09

    Next Season of TD or RR?

    November 29, 2015 by KidLego09

    What do you guys want to see next? Next season of Ridonculous Race or Total Drama?

    Both are bound to happen soon, but it depends on which one is first. 

    In my opinion, I'd like to see the next season of Total Drama. What about you guyz?

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  • KidLego09

    New RR Pair!

    April 1, 2015 by KidLego09

    Omg guys! Earlier, fresh released the newest RR pair! And it's probably what most of us have been waiting for! A returnee pair! It's amazing like omg holy moly. Check it out!!!

    HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAYS GUYS! This was obviously a joke. Like, why would Alejandro & jasmine pair up? Eh, lol. Happy april fools day! :D

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  • KidLego09

    Della: Why I Hate It

    March 30, 2015 by KidLego09

    So, I am making a blog about Della, or Davella, however you call it. It's basically Dave x Ella. This to me is so stupid. I will explain why!

    Then we have Skave as the main couple of TDPI. But, since there just HAS to be a love triangle, they need Ella to make sure that Skave has some plot. Honestly, they could've just given Skave some other plot instead of just another love triangle. This Skavella love triangle is the most useless love triangle in my opinion. Okay, let's get back on track with Della.

    So yeah, I pretty much hate that Ella had to ruin the chances of Skavella. *cameraman whispers something* Wait what? The next episode? Something happens with Della? Hmm...let me watch this episode! *goes away*-----------------------------------…

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  • KidLego09

    Alright, the 3rd mission, let's get on with it!

    So, I was searching some stuffz on Twitter ya know, and I searched first "Ridonculous Race" but nothing new came up so whatever. Then I searched "#totaldrama" and THEN I FOUND SOMETHING. So Terry McGurrin posted this pic of him and with these two.....ladies, and Terry quotes in his post "Hanging out with some Ridonculously talented people! @stephanyseki @nicolestamp #totaldrama @thefreshchannel". So now I'm wondering since he posted "RIDONCULOUSLY" and "#totaldrama" if this means........they could be new voice actors for RR!

    I mean, the context clues definitely say it, and the hashtag "#totaldrama" and that he is doing "@" to FreshTV! And not to mention, Terry McGurrin IS working with RR, so I …

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