Well, yeah, like Jam, this is my blog post explaining stuff, and, yeah. Well, since my family's too lazy to go downtown to pay the cable bill, I haven't been able to go online for the past day or two. I'm writing this blog on my iPod, and I'm able to go on the IRC for a limited amount of time. Alright, enough about that.

My choice for VP is TDIFan13, commonly referred to as Ryan. I've heard a lot of people make comments that the two of us would make great wiki leaders, not exactly sure why. But he's a really responsible person. Leader and creator of roleplay, one of the top editcounts on the wiki, admin... The list goes on. Also, he's a really close friend.

Well, he's my choice for VP. I've decided to stay traditional with one VP, unlike Jam's two VP's. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, I think it's nice and different. Anyways, I'll be happy to reply to any comments on this blog post, giving that my iPod connects long enough.

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