Before you begin to comment on how "stupid" or "unnecessary" this rule is, let me tell you, it won't change no matter how much you complain, so save your fingers.

There is tons and tons of pointless trivia on character pages, episode pages, and interaction pages. Let me show you some examples of good trivia and bad trivia. Note: The following Trivia is true.

Good Trivia

  • Gwen appears in every episode of Total Drama Island, along with Owen, Heather, and Duncan.
  • This is the fourth non-elimination episode of the season, seventh total, sixth not counting aftermaths.
  • LeShawna and Harold have both placed fifth in a season, LeShawna in Total Drama Island, and Harold in Total Drama Action.
  • Every contestant used the confessional in this episode.

Bad Trivia

  • She is one of five characters to be seen bloated. Others include Harold, LeShawna, Lindsay, and Heather.
    • Other variations of this trivia include "one of the x characters to fart on-screen" or "one of the x characters to eat on-screen". a.k.a Pointless things that few characters have done, Important things, such as "one of the x characters to be eliminated via double elimination" or "one of the x characters to never receive a marshmallow/Gilded Chris/barf bag" can stay. If you are unsure if something is important or not, an admin/rollback on their talk page, or leave a comment on this blog for help.
  • He has beaten every other contestant at least once throughout the series.
    • Reasoning: Well, if someone is looking through the Trivia section of a character's page, they'll have already read the character template, which most likely has either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on it. It's slightly redudant and heavily implied.
  • Noah and Izzy's heads were next to each other in Rapa Phooey!, further implying their friendship.
    • Other variations include "Trent and Gwen stood beside each other after their breakup, showing that they are friends" or something. Ever thought it was just a coincidence? Total Drama recycled poses a lot.
  • Courtney uses an old facial expression in this episode.
    • Reasoning: Do I really need to say it?
  • Duncan and Lindsay's eyes have the same shade of blue.
    • Reasoning: Again, really? It's pointless.

Obviously there's more, I'm going to update this blog with suggestions. Again, like I said above, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. We are starting a trivia cleaning spree, and there's a ton of it ever since TDWT ended.

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