Guess it's my turn.

10. Fake Episodes.
As much as I wanted to put this first, shockingly, many more things bother more than this. Anyways, I am TIRED or restless newbs who tell me, "Episode 17 is Welcome two The Jungle!!!!! im not lying for real!!!!!" Um, no it's not, Super Hero-ld is...

09. Crazed DxC fans.
I'm sort of biased against this because I don't support DxC, but I can't stand people who go crazy over DxC moments. "OMG SHE CALLED HIM DUNKY!!!!!!!!!!" ...And your point is? When she called him a 'tattooed bad boy with danger oozing out of every pore', I didn't see many crazy reactions to that.

08. Really horrible image edits.
We all know MS Paint sucks. But if you're gonna use it, at least know how to. The paintbrush is the worst tool. It irks me to see all these overlapping colors and really bad edits. I'm not an expert, but mine aren't horrible.

07. Unreal people on the web.
Most of us don't act the way we would in real life on the internet. Have you ever been in an internet fight? Most of you say things that you would never say to a person's face. I do that about once in a blue moon. So just keep it real.

Freehugs feels my pain. For the last time, Cody. Is. Not. Coming. Back. He's not in the group photo, and he's not in the theme song besides the three seconds at the end. And how do you know those are Cody's arms taking a picture? Chris's sleeves are kinda the same. I'm not just saying this because I don't like Cody, it's just those crazy newbs who say, "cody is bak on tda!!!!!!" This reason kind of relates to number 10, above.

05. "I saw it on Wikipedia".
Anyone can edit Wikipedia. TONS of rumors are on the TDA page every day. It's faker than Angelina Jolie's lips. Don't believe it! If I see those words in the same sentence ONE MORE TIME...

04. Lowlife spammers and vandals.
Really? Really? REALLY?
Why do you do this? Some kind of practical joke? That's a sick joke. We can easily undo/rollback the edit, but it's still a pain. I see no point in vandalizing. The admins will just ban you forever.

03. People who demand the next episode.
On Youtube, I see 30% of the comments saying, "WHERE IS EPISODE 15???? IT AIRED TODAY...HURRY UP!1!!1!!11!1!11!"
I don't see you uploading episodes! I especially hate it when they tell someone not to record their TV. IT'S THE BEST THEY FRIKKIN HAVE, DEAL WITH IT!

02. People who miraculously know the winner/elimination order.
I see people saying, "I know the winner of TDA, message me to find out." Why does everyone think it's Beth? XD And everyone thinks LeShawna is next. You don't know the order! We know you don't! So just STOP!

01. Horrible grammar.
If you can't spell, go to...JK. But still, if you type like this:
lawl kortnee is so col she shud win tda
Post a comment saying if you understood. Duh, this is the internet, so of course you can use abbreviations and stuff. I say LOL, OMG, WTF, and JK all the time. Sometimes I say things like u, r, ur, 2moro or w8. But at least spell 60% of the sentence correctly....

So, lots of things bother the crap out of me. Hee hee...

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