Well, I think it's time that we all look back on Total Drama and all of the "highlights" of our wonderful fandom. We've all been dedicated fans for a long three seasons, and we've done some crazy things. Let's take a look. Please note, I have only been on the wiki for 21 months, so the first four months are based on me mostly staying on YouTube.

  • Total Drama Action's First Promos

The theories behind this were insane. There was the one snippet where nine castmates poked their head behind the trolley, and everyone assumed that was the final nine. This was back when Total Drama knew how to cover spoilers. Well, actually, the first three eliminatees were spoiled after a 3:10 to Crazytown group shot slipped into it without Geoff, Bridgette, or Izzy, and that got people hyped.

  • The First Break

After The Aftermath: I, they decided to air the first six episodes AGAIN. I don't think we got The Chefshank Redemption until April because of this.

  • The Four-Hour Time Period

Yep, the tie between when a new TDA episode finished airing in Canada, and when it uploaded on YouTube. I swear, everyone went crazy.

  • The Courtney Theories

Everyone knew Courtney was coming back, just didn't know how. I remember one theory about Courtney hiding in Gwen's suitcase... :|

Yes, this needs its own bullet point. I think JJR posted a real-time synopsis of the episode on the talk page; it was huge. I don't know how he didn't get an edit conflict. Owen getting eliminated answered many fan prayers.

  • The Second Break

This is the one everyone remembers. Between Ocean's Eight - Or Nine and One Million Bucks, B.C., there were THREE LONG MONTHS in between, which got everyone very impatient over Episode 14, which brings us to...

  • The Fake Episode Titles

Yes, this is the main reason why this blog was made. Remember all of the parodies?

Space Chumps
Race to Chris Mountain
A Million Dollar Band

And the two stars of the show:

Welcome Two the Jungle
The Almost Wedding Crashers

At one point, the wiki named The Almost Wedding Crashers as the 17th episode of TDA, A Million Dollar Band as the 19th, and Super Hero-Id as the 20th, but it was quickly corrected.

  • TDWT Theories

Now we move on to the more recent stages; the TDWT theories. Thanks to a certain user, these weren't as... imaginative as the TDA theories. They were mostly accurate.

  • The CN Spoilers

Ezekiel, Harold, Bridgette, and LeShawna's eliminations were all spoiled by Cartoon Network weeks before World Tour's premiere. I was SO pissed...

  • Leaked Episodes

This began with The Am-AH-Zon Race, and stretched all the way to the exciting finale! We were getting new episodes every weekday. I stayed up to 4AM everyday with two users, who may or may not still be active, I really don't remember. xD I know one of them was Dizzy. :D

  • The DxG Kiss

Oooooo, our leaker was mean enough to post a video of JUST the kiss, days before I See London... was leaked. Thanks a lot, the wiki spiked in activity. :D

And there you have it. Most of our wonderful fandom history. Add anything you'd like in the comments!

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