Most of the people who were on the IRC earlier already know, but I won't be on for the rest of the week, or, until Sunday afternoon. Why? Well, this is probably the busiest week of my life. That's why it's not really a vacation, since I'm just basically going through hell in a week. xD

  • Schoolwork: Yeah, the constant schoolwork is starting to catch up to me, and I really need to focus, especially this week.
  • Birthday: My birthday's on Thursday, so, I think I can take a day off for that. :P
  • Moving: At some point in this week, most likely Friday or Saturday, I'll be moving out of this apartment, so I'm gonna be packing and cleaning up the new apartment throughout the week.
  • SHSAT: Also known as the Specialized High School Admissions Test, I'm taking it on Sunday morning, and it basically decides what high school I'll be going to next year. I'm gonna be taking a bunch of practice tests this week, too, so I'm pretty much jampacked with stuff.

Well, I thought I should just let you guys know. I might be able to update Chris, Izzy, and LeShawna's RP pages this week (probably at like, 4AM on Saturday. -_-) and if I do, I'll probably make it to RP, if we do have RP in Saturday. Also, Jam and I will soon consult about all of that wacky presidential stuff, so, just kinda wind down this week, I guess.

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