Well, now that sign-ups are over, and a whopping total of four people signed up... it's time to show you what my plans would be if I became president.

  • I'm Bringing Sexy RT Back: If I became president, I would bring User Roundtable back. That's the best thing that happened to this wiki since roleplay. A lot of users gave in their opinion and ideas in roundtable, and the ideas were discussed in council later. Not many ideas were fully accepted, but if more ideas are sent in, more will most likely be accepted. Yes, it was replaced by the suggestion blog, but you can see how active that is.
  • Rule Enforcement: I would definitely be willing to set more rules and standard ban lengths, and enforce rules that are already in effect. Many people have been breaking the recent blog rules made by council, and they've been getting away with it. Again, I say, three words or less is not acceptable. The rules I would enforce would probably be:
    • More sensible support/oppose votes for Featured Article, Image, Quote, and User.
    • Better behavior on the IRC.
    • More that I can't think of right now.
  • Quiz Bowl: Along with Roundtable, I would try my hardest to bring Quiz Bowl back. I know that seems nearly impossible, but I'd try. I know some people would be willing to host and participate. Again, it takes place on Sundays at 7:00PM EST. It died out in November of 2009, and we planned on getting a new host, but that was just completely ignored at around April of this year.
  • More Organized Newsletter: Newsletter pretty much fell apart completely. Almost no one is giving in their promised sections. I would use FH's method that she stated in a previous blog post, over here. It's a good setup.
  • More Contests: Now that Total Drama World Tour's been completely leaked, I'm afraid some people will leave the wiki for the gap between now at Total Drama Reloaded's premiere. Contests would include:
    • Fanart contests.
    • "Biggest Fan" contests.
    • Again, others that I can't think of at the moment.
  • Wiki-Fests: When was the last time we had one? The wiki's birthday? The only one I can recall before that is Trent day (9/9/09). I'd really be planning a ton more, one every seven to eight weeks. Not to mention wiki-fests are incredibly chaotic. I'd enforce a lot more stricter rules in wiki-fests. Here are some ideas:
    • Holiday wiki-fests.
      • Halloween (October 2010).
      • Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Other (December 2010).
      • Valentine's Day (Feburary 2011).
      • April Fool's (April 2011).
      • Summer/Premiere of TDR (June 2011, even though I wouldn't be president at the time).
    • End of TDA (Ended on December 10, 2009, wiki-fest would be in December 2010)
      End of TDWT (When it ends in the USA, in December)
    • Premiere of TDA (Originally premiered in Canada January 11, 2009, wiki-fest would be on January 2011)
    • Premiere of TDWT (Originally premiered in June for both countries, wiki-fest would be in June 2011)

Well, these are all of the ideas I have for now. Please comment and leave any feedback you have. But make sure it follows blog comment rules. :P

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