Week One

Saturday, July 24th, 2:45AM

So, yeah, I'm making a blog for Season Two of Countdown to 10,000! This season's a lot different. There's sixteen contestants in eight pairs! That's right, pairs! Kinda reminds me of a certain fanfiction! So, I'll be doing power rankings and my thoughts of the previous elimination here. Right now, I'll be evaluating them as the colored pairs that they are. I'm not rating you on anything except your edit activity on the wiki, so don't take it personally. Here we go!

8. Blue Team - No, this isn't my way of being modest. I'm not a very active editor compared to other admins, and I believe Enriquebarcelos has gone a bit inactive due to being a new user. We're bound to either pull a DJ and land in the bottom two for a while, or just go Ezekiel and be the first to leave.

7. Orange Team - This team seems pretty solid. TDAwesome15 is an average editor who I see from time to time on My Home. EdGeorgenCody... not as much, but I still do see you. I suspect this team to stay safe for the most part; but they may end up in the bottom two once in a while.

6. Green Team - Like above, this team seems solid, except I see them a lot more on My Home than the above team. Samtastic450 and TotalDramaAddict are a great team, don't get me wrong, the other five are just better. (Warning: I'll be using this excuse a lot during by blogs.)

5. Yellow Team - Wow, a shade of yellow that doesn't cause eyestrain! Anyways, The Cartoon has a normal edit count, but I spot him on talk pages a lot too. I notice JacksonFive's edits every now and then, but I think the two will really step it up and take advantage of their opportunity. And if they don't, someone's getting a laptop smashed over their head. >.<

4. Purple Team - I like this team a lot. Izzyfan's a slightly above average editor, and I spot JasonAlexande08 a lot on My Home. I suspect this team will go far, and use this opportunity (note: I spelled that wrong eight times while typing this blog) as a great way to boost their edit count.

3. Red Team - Reddude has a low edit count, but I see that he's determined not to slack, especially due to his partner's absence for the first week. Actually, it's not an absence, since Fedora Kid's so determined to not be in the bottom two, that he's making as many edits as he can squeeze in! Nice determination, I like that.

2. Beige Team - And we've hit the runner-ups of the week; the Beige Team (The font color is called wheat, by the way)! Mygeto, a rollback, makes plenty of great edits. My Home is dripping with his username after a new World Tour episode. CrashMan 85 is the second half of this dynamic duo. Although he has a bit less than a thousand total edits at the moment, over sixty percent of his are mainspace. His slight inactivity is the only reason that the next pair is number one.

1. Pink Team - I feel like this is gonna be the Team Amazon of this competition. Lizcat68 is an above average editor who's gone a bit inactive, but still tries her hardest to edit. Numbuhthreefan has a huge overall edit count, the highest in the game. In that edit count, she has a considerably low amount of mainspace, which I hope she's determined to change because of this competition.

I'm also adding a nifty little hidden comment in white font to each blog post, so highlight the blog to find a Noah-like thing here and there. Does this blog have one? Highlight and see! Well, that's all, folks. Season Two starts in four hours, so I'm off to get some shut-eye! Comment on who you think is gonna come out on top in this competition! See ya!

Week Two

Saturday, July 31st, 1:34PM

Whoa, didn't see that elimination coming! Two teams are down to one person! Anyways, my power rankings are definitely fluctuating since last week, mainly because of one team. So, sit back, get something to drink, and read. Or you can just check where your team places and leave.

8. Pink Team - Way to drop from first to last! What happened? You guys had so much potential, and made, what, forty edits? If it wasn't for the irregular elimination, you guys would've been gone!

7. Orange Team - I feel like I can see a lot more from this team. Making under fifty edits a week won't do you any good, but you might be saved due to not being a threat. Just, try harder. Another eight edits and the purple team would've been in the bottom two.

6. Purple Team - Well, this team is doing as expected. Borderline bottom two means you're safe, but does not mean you should stay there. In the long run, you'll stay safe, but hit the final five with about three hundred total game edits. Not good.

5. Green Team - You guys made a slightly below normal amount of edits, which is okay. However, thanks to Samtastic450 quitting, TotalDramaAddict is really going to have to step it up in order to stay alive. But, seeing as he made the majority of their Week One edits, he might be able to cope.

4. Blue Team - You're probably thinking, "Are you crazy?! Blue Team made the most edits last week!" That may be true, but that strikes them as a huge threat. Now that the other teams are aware, they're really going to improve, and since the Blue Team is now down to one person, it's gonna be a rough ride.

3. Red Team - This team did, what I would call, average work. And there's nothing wrong with that. Placing fourth is okay, you're safe, but you're not too close to the danger zone. But, one certain half of the team really needs to step it up.

2. Yellow Team - Way to prove me wrong, yellow team! You two landed in third place in Week One. Not much to say here. Keep it up, and you'll hit the merge for sure.

1. Beige Team - You win the honor of first place for the week. Mygeto made a ton of edits, and CrashMan 85 squeezed as many as he could before his leave for camp. Now that CrashMan 85's back, not even the Blue Team can stop their editing. I won't be surprised if they hit 500 total edits next week.

And that's all, folks. Pink Team really let me down, while the Yellow Team shocked me. Tune in next week for another blog once the contestants are beaten down to twelve. I'd rhyme something with that, but nothing rhymes with twelve. Anyways, see ya! And don't forget that hidden comment!

Week Three

Sunday, August 8th, 7:55PM

Alright, looks like the Purple Team's left the building! Not as many surprises this week like there were last week, but, let's just get to the power rankings, huh?

7. Pink Team - Well, you're in the clear. You guys made just enough edits to stay out of the danger zone and prevent elimination, but you're definitely a huge target. Try and edit a lot more, you two!

6. Green Person - Nice job avoiding elimination this week, but you'll have to step it up a notch or two. I know that people won't be hesitant to vote you off if you land in the bottom two.

5. Orange Team - This team is really doing... terribly, but, they're not a threat. Therefore, they can land in the bottom two all they want, and the other team's pretty much guaranteed to go home. However, once they hit the merge, I'm almost sure these two are dead meat. And not the tasty kind of meat, either. The nasty, raw kind.

4. Blue Person - Again, blue person stays in the midst of the crowd. Due to having invincibility, they didn't edit as much, but they'll really need to kick it into high gear, especially as they progress into later weeks.

3. Yellow Team - Yellow Team didn't do as well as last week, but they're still doing slightly-above-average editing. I won't be surprised if both of them land in the merge.

2. Red Team - This team's fairing well. Fedora Kid's editing keeps both of them alive, and Reddude seems to be trying. They're a guaranteed merged team.

1. Beige Team - Beige Team is on fire! Mygeto's editing non-stop, his username is everywhere. He got over twice as many edits as his partner, who made 102! CrashMan 85's doing awesomely, too, and these guys are definitely making it to the end.

Well, those are the ranks for this week! Watch the seven teams during week three, where another one will be voted off this Saturday!

Week Four

Saturday, August 14th, 6:20PM

Pink Team got eliminated! Which isn't really a shocker, nearly everyone saw that coming! Green Person voting for the Orange Team is basically putting a target on your back and aiming a neon sign, saying, "Vulnerable!" Well, off to the power rankings, which aren't changing too much.

6. Green Person - Thanks to voting for the Orange Team, and the fact that they're the best bet to be in the bottom two with them this week, I suspect they're next to go.

5. Orange Team - This team is basically slipping through. Due to not being a threat, no one's voting for them. Though, at the merge, they're toast. Warm, buttery toast. A bunch of fat guys: Mmmmmm.

4. Red Team - Red Team's made good progress, averaging fourth-ish in terms of edit ranks. Although, once the Green Person's gone, they're dead due to the Orange Team's non-threat-ish-ness.

3. Yellow Team - Yellow Team is doing great. Their real competition is the Red Team, and they'll have to struggle next week to stay safe. But, for now, they're sailing smoothly.

2. Blue Person - Blue Person's back in action, with the second most edits last week. Not a lot to say here.

1. Beige Team - Beige Team is doing amazingly. They've been first for a while, and there's no way they'll wind up in the bottom two, or stay out of top ranking team for the week. Keep it up!

Well, (British accent) Cheerio, my darlings. Watch the remaining ten's editcounts this week and find out who gets eliminated this time around!

Week Five

Saturday, August 21th, 7:12PM

Orange Team got voted off, and it's about time! No more free rides in this joint, it's anybody's game! The edit counts this time around really hopped around! Time for the power rankings.

5. Green Person - Now, they made the most edits last week, yes. 296 is pretty dang good. But, that makes them a threat, and I'm pretty sure no one will hesitate to vote him off ASAP.

4. Red Team - Red Team hit the danger zone this week, which isn't good. Not to mention they seem to be the new target, along with the next ranking team.

3. Yellow Team - Yellow Team is pretty average, but they've been hanging around the top three editing teams, nice job. However, they're being targeted, so, they'll need to step it up.

2. Blue Person - Blue Person's doing great, all they really need to do is stay at the top of their game in the top two editors of the week. 269 edits is pretty good! Haha, 69. :P

1. Beige Team - Beige Team slacked this week, but only because Mygeto was on vacay. But Crash really took on the responsibility and slid out of the bottom two, which is a hard task. Good job!

Well, I'm pretty sure there'll be a ton of surprises next week. Just got that weird feeling. Tune in, and make sure to root for the Blue Person your favorite team!

Week Six

Saturday, August 30th, 7:30PM

Red Team and Green Person were in the bottom two, and yours truly was the tiebreaker vote that sent home the Green Person! What's this? A return! Numbuhthreefan's back in the competition as a solo player! ...and there's still no merge. Well, power ranking time!

5. Red Team - Red Team's been in the bottom two for two weeks in a row, and I'm sure the other teams are noticing that they might be trying to pull an Orange Team. They'll really have to kick their editing into high gear if they wanna survive!

4. Yellow Team - Yellow Team's been going great, but, I'm afraid they're pretty much bound to be in the bottom two with the lowest ranking team. Their only chance is to pass our rank three's...

3. Beige Team - ...the Beige Team! They've been going great, as always, but Mygeto's been slacking a bit. They'll really have to step it up this week, because the Yellow Team does not wanna be in the bottom two, and neither do they.

2. Blue Person - Blue Person made the most edits in Countdown history last week, with a whopping total of 500! They're pretty much safe this week, already with over 250 edits, so, there's nothing to worry about for this guy. *worries* :-/

1. Pink Person - Pink Team's back in action, baby! Not to mention that she's immune this week! I'm really hoping she'll take advantage of returning and really edit to the best of her ability. She barely got in, only making one more edit than Samtastic.

This competition just got 300% more interesting! Root for your favorite team this week, and tune in on Saturday to see who ends up in the bottom two and which one of these guys is gonna get the boot!

Week Seven

Saturday, September 4th, 2:20PM

It's merge time! And Reddude and JacksonFive walked the plank after Reddude quit, and JacksonFive made less edits than The cartoon. Shocking! But, let's get to the power rankings, eh?

6. Numbuhthreefan - You've really gotta step it up, dudette! I understand you didn't have to edit much because you were invincible, but based off of previous weeks, I'm going to have to keep you here at the bottom.

5. The Cartoon - He really bombed last week, with only 59 edits, so I'm not sure if he'll be able to survive on his own. Hopefully he proves me wrong!

3/4. Fedora Kid and CrashMan 85 - It's a tie between these two. They're pretty unpredictable, as they can hit a nice two hundred edits, and other times, they chill in the one hundreds. I'm not sure who will come out on top out of these two, so, they're equal.

2. Kgman04 - Again, a ton of edits, but the thing is, I'm going to go terribly inactive once school starts this Wednesday. But I have the two days after that off. However, next week, I'm not so safe...

1. Mygeto - Mygeto's a great editor, and he finally hit the three hundred's this week. He'll probably make it to the final two. With me, of course. ;)

It's getting tense! Watch the final six battle it out this week! Tallyho. *flies off in a rainbow*

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