Alright. I'm not going to use any fancy coding with backgrounds and such, because that gives me headaches. Instead, I'll just be posting this, like, a regular blog. Y'know. Casual. Updates weekly. Yep.

June 21, 2011
Alrighty! We've got a brand new (and final) season of Countdown to 10,000! And yours truly is in it, teehee. ^^ Anyways, there's 18 of us, 15 old, and 3 new. Might I say, the 3 new ones are all amazingly epic people. :P I was debating on ranking them or not (every contestant has their strengths and weaknesses, I'm in no position to rank them), but, well, after an overwhelming amount of whining demand for it, I'll just rank you in a random order. :D

  • 18 through 2. Every competitor other than Kg
    • I think the reason is obvious. You're all horrible editors. What do you make, like, 8 edits a week? -.- Gosh. Sometimes, I wonder how I was put in the same season as all of you slackers. I mean, really. What the hell was Nalyd thinking?! Ugh.
  • 1. Kgman04
    • Obviously.

Well, expect a more serious blog next week. For now, this is Kg out.


Izzy has annihilated the remains of this week's blog post.

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