So. In the past week, we've seen one admin get demoted to user status, and just yesterday, another admin decided to demote themselves and, basically, quit the wiki.

Now. I'm giving my honest opinion when I say this. If my opinion is wrong, then, I don't know what to say.

FH, you were demoted because a majority of council thought you were inactive. We know that. And the people who wanted to defend you were mainly pointing out good traits that used to be true. And, if you say that you had no "warning", I would say that BB's attempt to demote you a few months earlier was enough of a warning. You were saved by that in a slim 5-6 vote when I, myself, changed my vote. And this wasn't "behind your back", you just weren't here. And who knows how long it would take for you to get on the IRC again?

Ryan, I honestly think you're overreacting. I don't know all of the backstory in why you quit, but I saw your comment on Fedora's blog. Fedora Kid doesn't hate you, he's stating what you did in Countdown. And if you don't believe making 1200 redirects if fluffing... I'm sorry, but, you're horribly wrong.

In short, I don't see any reason to mope over these losses. Ryan quit by himself, and FH was demoted in a nearly unanimous council vote, then quit herself. If they'd like to return at any time, they're more than welcome, however, I wouldn't expect any insta-promotions.

I actually want the wiki to take this as a chance to start over, in a way. Plenty of users have been complaining over certain things that we weren't able to change before, and are now. I'm actually all up for new ideas, new promotions, and anything that seems to be best for the wiki.

Also, Ryan/FH, I'm more than happy to reply to any comment you have concerning my opinion.

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