Today, we had a council meeting, and went over a lot. One of those topics were blogs. Some of the blogs on this wiki are extremely short and pointless. These are the new requirements:

  • They must be over five sentences long, and make actual sense.
  • No violence or swearing.
  • No user harassment, person attack or blogs that will be hurtful toward a user.
  • They can't be a duplicate blog of your's or related to someone else's blog.
  • It cannot advertise a site or another blog etc.
  • If the blog is about a question, please put it in the help desk forum board.
  • If the blog is about the show, please put it in the Total Drama Island, Action or World Tour forum board.
  • If it's a suggestion, we have a suggestion blog for that.
  • If it's about a camp, there is a camps wiki for that as well.
  • Must have full sentences and not glitterish or words that make no sense.

We also spoke about blog comments. There are also some requirements for them.

  • No violence or swearing.
  • It can't just be an emoticon or three words or less.
  • Must be on topic.
  • If you made a spelling error or a typo, don't make a new blog comment to correct it. Edit your original comment and fix it.
  • Must be full sentences and not glitterish or words that make no sense.

Also, you can make up to two blogs per day, if you make any more blog posts than two, you will break this rule, no matter if it follows all the requirements.

If you break any of these rules, you will get a one to three week ban.

Err... happy blogging...?

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