Considering we have 30 days until Total Drama All-Stars debuts, I might as well! I never really made predictions about any other seasons, so it'll be nice to be able to compare. These predictions are a mix of logical reasoning and my personal wishlist... mostly the latter. Oops.

So, our competitors are: Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Sierra, Cameron, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Sam, Scott, and Zoey. (Still slightly ticked that Al and Sierra are considered "All-Stars" instead of people like Owen, Izzy, or Leshawna [though I hope the "Booty-ful" episode is a sign that she's cameoing]. >.>)

And the alleged teams are:
Hamsters: Courtney, Lindsay, Sierra, Cameron, Mike, Sam, and Zoey
Vultures: Alejandro, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning, and Scott

Well, here we go! Prepare for some horribly roundabout, vague, improbable speculation. Then again, isn't that what all current predictions are?

14. Jo

Angry jo

It was really tough trying to figure out who would go first, but I'm taking a wild guess with Jo. The Vultures are more than likely going to lose the first challenge, since initial dysfunction is inevitable with three ex-main antagonists on one team. I can see Lightning becoming Jo's competitive equivalent to Brick, and maybe their feud leads to them losing the first challenge? Lightning is definitely more likable than Jo, so the Vultures wouldn't hesitate to vote her off over him.

13. Scott

Finders Creepers (13)

The Vultures aren't a stable team at all, so I'm expecting them to lose the first two elimination challenges, one of which is going to have to be an ex-main antagonist. Alejandro, Heather, Duncan, and Gwen are out of the question since they're couples and will probably be explored thoroughly this season. That leaves Scott and Lightning. Everyone knows who Scott truly is, so he's obviously the bigger threat.

12. Sierra


Well, the Vultures can't lose forever. My guess is that the Hamsters will lose a challenge and vote off Sierra for being too annoying. I don't know what she can even do plot-wise without Cody. Actually, maybe she could start a love triangle between her, Mike (you never know), and Zoey. This could give Zoey some character - her jealousy drives her to convince Mike and maybe Sam and/or Cameron to get rid of Sierra. Courtney wouldn't hesitate to vote Sierra off either. She's good at pretty much everything.

11. Cameron

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (5)

Total Drama has the tendency to balance genders and team members near the beginning (with a few exceptions), so the Hamsters will probably lose again and kick off a guy. Sam placed fairly low in TDRI, but I'm guessing he'll come back with more gusto/purpose and make it pretty far. It's just a gut feeling I have. Mike finally has a girlfriend with character, so he isn't going just yet. This leaves Cameron, the physically-useless bubble boy who won last season. I can see Courtney orchestrating his elimination.

10. Alejandro


This is partly because of my personal hatred for him, partly logic. The Vultures may lose again, and they'll soon realize that the couples are going to be inseparable. Alejandro/Heather fight with Duncan/Gwen over Lightning's tiebreaking vote. Ultimately, Duncan and Gwen are slightly more trustworthy than Alejandro and Heather, and Lightning, Duncan, and Gwen send Alejandro packing in a 3-2 vote. I'm picking Alejandro over Heather, because Alejandro is arguably more dangerous (he's better at challenges than Heather), and it'd drive Heather crazy. "Kill two jerks with one stone."

9. Zoey


Alright, guys, she's finally gone. The genders and teams balance out once again. Mike and Zoey's ridiculous love for each other could cost their team the challenge, and Zoey gets voted off after being considered a bigger threat (if Mike goes it might flip that crazy-Zoey switch). Alternatively, Courtney gets Zoey voted off after noticing Zoey getting rid of Sierra earlier, and seeing her as a potential threat strategically. Or something. I don't know. She just needs to leave.

8. Heather

HP - Heather

After getting rid of Al, it only makes sense for the Vultures to get rid of Heather if they lose again, which they probably will. I don't know if I need to explain this. She won a season, place 3rd in TDI, and made it halfway through TDA. I'm expecting her to get to about as far as she got in TDA - eliminated right before the merge. She's also the clear target on the Villainous Vultures. She's outnumbered 3-1, and there's no way Duncan and Gwen are going to give up the chance to vote her off. Lightning's no fool either.

7. Lightning

Upupand away

The wiki seems to unanimously agree that the final 7 will be the merge, so, I'm following that. Of the remaining contestants, Lightning is the biggest physical threat. He came in second, and can be pretty easily outsmarted. Duncan's probably a bigger threat, but he has to reach the final five by Total Drama tradition. Lightning could also just get on everyone's nerves with his narcissism and "sha-everything." Whatever the case may be, he's probably making it no further than seventh, sixth if he's lucky.

6. Gwen

I can see Courtney getting rid of Gwen yet again. It wouldn't surprise me if Courtney took Lindsay under her wing while they were on the Hamsters together, and Sam and Mike aren't too hard to convince. Gwen's a pretty good competitor. She's above-average when it comes to challenges, and she and Duncan would dominate the game if they made it any further together. And it'd be interesting to see what Duncan and Courtney would do with Gwen gone.

5. Duncan

China duncan keeps going

So Duncan hits the final five again. Duncan and Courtney's ridiculous arguing after Gwen gets eliminated drives the rest of the contestants crazy. So who of the two do they eliminate? Duncan, the guy who won a season, made it really far in the other two, is above-average when it comes to challenges, and can now fully focus on the game now that his girlfriend is out, or Courtney? The choice is obvious. Courtney, Lindsay, and Sam and/or Mike easily get rid of him.

4. Mike

Vito's intro

Okay, so most of you might be wondering how Mike managed to make it this far. Well, I am an avid supporter of the Evil Mike theory. At the end of his confrontation with his personalities in Grand Chef Auto, there's one personality left behind him; a shadowy, evil-looking Mike. I personally don't think this is a goof, since it takes a lot of effort to "accidentally" draw that in. So, what I'm thinking is Mike becomes the antagonist this season. His evil personality kicks in and sabotages people. And since this is a Heroes vs. Villains season, it's pretty easy to pin any mishaps on the Villains (notice how the last 4 people eliminated were all villains?), but the only person this doesn't fool is Courtney, who I think has potential to be a protagonist this season. After all, she does get placed on the Hamsters for some reason. Courtney finally manages to take him down in the quarterfinals.

3. Sam


I honestly don't know why, but something's telling me Sam is going to go really far. I just think he's going to pull an Owen and pretty much fly through the season. He's not strong enough to be considered a threat, but not really annoying in the sense that people would want to vote him off because of it. He's an easy-to-persuade alliance member, so the more manipulative contestants would want to keep him around. Though he's almost certain to go now.

So, who wins? Courtney or Lindsay? I really don't know. I can't decide. The good news is, they both win because of alternate endings, so, hooray!

They don't seem to enjoy not knowing which one "officially" wins. Oh, well.

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