This is a blog I'm making because I feel it needs to be said. It's about important wiki activities. And I'm typing really quickly so if I make some typos, sue me for being human. Anyways, I just wanted to say some stuff.



  • Great way to communicate.
  • Lots of socialization.
  • Fun in general.


  • Too much socialization distracts people from editing the wiki, the reason we're here.
  • It gets really intense with fights sometimes.



  • Lots of fun.
  • Good way to interact with normal users, rollbacks, and admins.


  • After almost every roleplay, a lot of arguements happen about:
  • People vote other people off do to their interactions as a person, not a roleplayer.

Featured Article/Image/Quote/User


  • It's a cool feature to the wiki.
  • It lets us know what the users think about the articles.


  • Some users post horrible reasons, such as, "no no no" or "OLD".
  • People tend to get very competitive, specifically in the Featured User section, and usually try to get pity votes or badmouth other users.

Well, this is what I think of big parts of the wiki. Overall, I feel pretty neutral about everything. Leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

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