Parody of: Sea Shanty Mix

Sadly, BB went AFK during this one, so he didn't get a line in his second favorite song.




We're heading down to Victoria's, that modern sexy store.
I'll get the D size bras, panty-hose, lingerie fills up my drawer!
I can't find a bra to pick, I am going to buy them all!
The pink ones, red ones, green ones, too, I'm having such a ball!
Pink, red, green!
Getting pink panties, I feel quite dandy! YES! THIS SIZE FITS, IT'S MINE!!!
Victoria, you are double size, but you sure can pick a bra!
Fits me fine, totes, it's mine, let's all yell "hurrah!" If you want the last bra, it's all yours!
Try them on, Size A, you're just the kind for me!
Cashier, do I look fine?
Got that right! That'll be 18.99!
Getting pink panties, I feel quite dandy!
Yes, I will pay for, those cute pink panties!

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