Parody of: I'm Sorry

This one was pretty fun to write, and can get a bit disgusting. But, enjoy!




I'm skinny, so skinny.
Skinny like a model who eats once a day.

And I'm skinny, I can't even get the strength, to say...
Oops, I just passed out.
I let some gas out!
You didn't let gas out, you totally ruined my couch!
It's a sofa, Geoff, and the stain will come out with Clorox!

And I'm skinny.... so, skinny...
Skinny like the Olsen Twins, after they finished Full House!
And I'm skinny, I can't even freakin' fit, into any size blouse...

Ooh, I really feel sick.
I fell for Jenny Craig's tricks!
My couch is COMPLETELY brown! And it won't come out!
But, I'm skinny... so skinny!

Jenny, you know you're such a fool.
The sight of food makes me want to drool!

And if I gain a few more pounds...
I'll spin around and 'round and 'round!
You are pretty cute when you're dizzy... aw, no, no!

Jen, you're not the one for me.
And I'm so ridiculously, horribly, terribly, monstrously...
Oh, so definitely, inhumanely, unhealthily...

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