Bigez started it after boredom. To make it clear who made up which line, I'll make a key.





We're pinging and we're stalling!
While my girlfriend is calling! (phone rings)
Our connections start to fail before our eyyyyyyees!
Websites go ka-blooey!
The server got all screwy!
But before our hard drives burn and start to fryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....

Facebook addict!
Make another pointless blog post!
Webchat skyping!
Myspace creeping!
Convert the time zones in the east coast!
Twitter updates!
Youtube gyrates!
Watch another Fred video!
Check my e-mail!
Using G-mail!
And listen to P. Diddy, yo!

But first we need our chargers!
Our screens seem to grow larger!
Before my laptop battery starts to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

Failure of the Internet!
Bill Gates'll begin to fret!
That would really suck and here's why!
We'd like to keep on clicking!

So, Bill, we hope you're picking (to)....

Make a new one!
Reboot the thing!
Virus search!?
Clear the malware!
Enable cookies!
Take it apart!

Power boost!
Flying wizard!
Upgrade kit!
I change to upgrade too!
Computer chips! No! Regular chips will dooooo!
'Cause there's still so much to do before we fry! Yeah, we said it! There's still so much to do, there's still so much to do! There's still so much to do before we fry! Yeah! (Yeah!)

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