• Kevvy9gorillazfan

    Let me give you a list of SUPER bad couples from different TV shows (note: these are not real couples):

    • Izzy-DJ (DJ really only works with Katie)
    • Gwen-DJ (makes me wanna puke!)
    • Courtney-DJ
    • Leshawna-Tyler
    • Bridgette-Cody
    • Sadie-Duncan

    • Caitlin-Wyatt (when I picture this couple, I see Wyatt with a bunch of pink bows and wearing a lolita dress--uck!)
    • Caitlin-Jonesy
    • Jen-Jonesy
    • Nikki-Wyatt
    • Caitlin-Darth (O_O)

    • Sam-Spencer
    • Carly-Gibby
    • Sam-Carly
    • Freddie-Spencer
    • Ms. Briggs-Spencer

    • Fanboy-Yo
    • Chum Chum-Lupe
    • Fanboy-Cheer
    • Mr. Mufflin-Mrs. Cram

    I may update these lists.

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