Kenzen, labeled The Strategist, Kind Guy, was a camper on Total Drama Island on the Killer Bass team. He is currently qualified to compete in Total Drama Action on the Killer Grips.


Total Drama Island

(Note-Kenzen Replaces Tyler in this collaboration of TDI)

Kenze is welcomed to the island

Kenzen is welcomed.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Kenzen was the 11th person to arrive on the island, and was happily greeted by Owen, Duncan and Katie. He paid more attention to Owen, labeling Sadie as Crazy. He was put on the Killer Bass, and quickly befriended Noah and Izzy. Sadie tried to befriend him, but he insulted her and she left him alone. He then befriended Chef and started helping him make food he made a killer breakfast.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Kenzen was pushed off the cliff, along with Noah and the pusher Izzy. Kenzen, luckily, had a better landing than Owen. When the Bass lost, Kenzen voted for Sadie, He received the third marshmallow he was glad when Sadie was out.

In The Big Sleep, Kenzen and Izzy, while running, formed a cross team alliance with Noah and Katie. Other Bass aw him hanging out with Gophers, and plotted against him. Kenzen fell asleep, only being beaten by three people. When the Bass lost, again, he voted for Eva. Katie received the last marshmallow, Eva was voted out after failing to stay awake.

In Dodgebrawl, Kenzen teamed up with DJ and, Duncan and quickly dominated the Gophers. Kenzen got annoyed with Katie over he constant crying, But she became alot better when DJ comforted her. After the Bass won, Kenzen got Izzy and Noah to convince the Gophers to vote off Trent. Kenzen's intention was to have them vote off a strong team-member, he told them that exactly that they did agree and he was voted off.

In Not Quite Famous, Kenzen offered Gwen a cross-team alliance, but she denied, saying she would stay loyal to her team. Kenzen performed his talent of cooking. The Bass were impressed with this but Courtney said no. Despite this, Harold's beatboxing saved the day. Kenzen convinced Izzy and Noah to vote off Justin. He was successful.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Kenzen got separated with Katie and Duncan. They ended up spending the night in a cave. When everyone got back to camp, Katie and Duncan got Bridgette to vote with them, and Kenzen got Bridgette to. Kenzen's plan was to eliminate Ezekiel, and he succeeded.

In Phobia Factor, Kenzen was forced to sit in a pool of spiders for a minute. He succeeded, but fainted when he got a bunch of spiders in his jacket. Bridgette and DJ started hanging out with Kenzen. Heather, Geoff, and Bridgette each tried to persuade Kenzen into an alliance, with Heather going as far as kissing him, but Kenzen turned each down. Kenzen received the 8th marshmallow, and as Geoff walked down the Dock he was happy.

In Up the Creek, Kenzen was in a canoe with Duncan and Katie. They decided that next Courtney would go, then Harold. On the island Kenzen purposely left the group to catch up with Noah and Izzy. They had hooked Owen into the alliance, and Kenzen told them to vote off LeShawna saying that the annoying ones should go. Kenzen's plan was successful, again.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Kenzen, Bridgette, and DJ were the hunters for the Bass. They successfully hit most of the Gopher deer and won. Kenzen played no role in Beths's elimination.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Kenzen teamed up with DJ to make a delicious tetrizini. Before the challenge, he and Lindsay got into a fight while waiting in line for the communal washrooms. He told Noah to vote for Lindsay, because of the fight.

In Who Can You Trust?, Kenzen was called "The Smart Guy" by Katie, when she was in confessional. Kenzen was paired with DJ in the blind William Tell challenge, and was pelted with apples launched incredibly hardly. He had to stay in the medical tent for the rest of the day. Realizing that the merge was coming through, Kenzen realized threats needed to be voted out, he had Duncan, Katie, and Bridgette vote off DJ with him.

In Basic Straining, Kenzen decided that Harold would go next, then Bridgette. He couldn't get through the paper, because he got into a fight with Chef after he called Izzy a "wimpy crazy girl." He also only had 498 words. Kenzen voted Harold out.

In X-Treme Torture, Kenzen was picked to participate in the sky dive challenge. Kenzen got sick and crashed when he saw Owen's butt had a lollipop stuck on. He voted for Courtney, but he wasn't able to tell the others, and Bridgette was voted out.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, the boys faced off against the girls. Cody and Noah struggled in the challenge. Katie and Owen were the two eating the best. Izzy and Owen faced off in one more challenge, and Izzy won. The boys were upset and spent most of the night fighting. Kenzen sided with Owen, Duncan, and Noah, because there were more people on their side.

In No Pain, No Game, Eva and Lindsay returned. Kenzen was happy people had returned. He did very well, failing at the leech bucket. Eva won invincibility and the trailer. Kenzen made sure he was still allied with Izzy, and Noah. Kenzen got Owen into. He had nothing to do with Gwen's elimination. Making her the first jury member.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Kenzen's alliance (Kenzen, Owen, Izzy, Katie, Duncan and Noah) met in the old Gopher cabin. Nalyd told them the elimination order for the next few days; Eva, Courtney, Heather, and Cody. Duncan and Katie left the alliance. Izzy won invincibility and Courtney was eliminated. She was the second jury member

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Kenzen was constantly bothered by Heather who was desperate for an alliance. In the challenge, Kenzen hid in a cave with Izzy and was found making out with Izzy. He exposed Duncan's and Katie's hiding place giving himself and Izzy invincibility. Duncan, however, won invincibility by revealing where Cody hid. With Kenzen, Duncan, and Izzy having invincibility, Kenzen's plan skipped to Eva being eliminated, becoming the third jury member.

In That's Off the Chain!, Kenzen rocked at making a bike. He was happy when Heather got his bike, and it broke under her. He was the second person to cross the finish line, with the final person being Katie.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Kenzen wasn't feeling well so he sat out of the challenge. Cody was eliminated, After being the most terrified of the killer.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Kenzen had to capture a raccoon. He teamed up with Izzy and they captured a beaver and raccoon and then began to make out. Kenzen and his alliance (Owen, Izzy, Noah and Kenzen) voted for Heather.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Kenzen was teamed up with Lindsay. Kenzen decided to mess up in the challenge so that Izzy would have invincibility. His plan succeeded but he was bottom two with Lindsay. Lindsay was voted out.

In Haut Camp-ture, some people thought Kenzen was playing the game hard and well and he was a nice guy, while others saw him as a villain. Luckily for him, more people saw him as a nice guy playing it well, and people voted Owen off, when Lindsay confused everybody and a parrot said Owen 85 times.

In Camp Castaways, Kenzen and Izzy found each other stranded with Duncan, and Noah gone. They found the tree hut made out a bit met a beaver and found Chris. The Beaver was eliminated somehow and some how became a jury member.

In Are We There Yeti?, Kenzen was paired with Noah. Izzy used her woodsman skills to get herself and Duncan completely lost. They accidentally got back to camp, and Duncan was to a one way trip on the Boat of Losers.

In I Triple Dog Dare You!, Duncan's dare to make out with a bear, caused Kenzen to be eliminated. He attempted it, but the bear attacked him.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, the jury returned to the island because the last challenge was deemed too dangerous. Izzy and Noah gave speeches competed in one last challenge of dodge ball and the jury voted. Noah won with everyone but Kenzen's and the beaver they met before's vote.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Kenzen teamed up with Izzy and Noah to find the case, After Chris asked Noah if he wanted 1 million and Noah said yes and was about to say but before they started. They had it for a while but were stopped by Duncan and Courtney. After the trio fell off a cliff, into a cave. They lived. Kenzen, Izzy, Noah, Courtney, Duncan, Beth, Cody, Sadie, Bridgette, DJ, Ezekiel, Katie, Lindsay, and Owen qualified for Total Drama Action. And Heather sued to be on the show.


Position Campers Original Team Merge Status
22 Sadie The Killer Bass Eliminated 1st
in Episode 2
"Not So Happy Campers
(Part 2)"
* Eva (I) The Killer Bass Eliminated 2nd
in Episode 3
"The Big Sleep"
21 Trent The Screaming Gophers Eliminated 3rd
in Episode 4
20 Justin The Screaming Gophers Eliminated 4th
in Episode 5
"Not Quite Famous"
19 Ezekiel The Killer Bass Eliminated 5th
in Episode 6
"The Sucky Outdoors"
18 Geoff The Killer Bass Eliminated 6th
in Episode 7
"Phobia Factor"
17 LeShawna The Screaming Gophers Left / Eliminated 7th
in Episode 8
"Up the Creek"
16 Beth The Screaming Gophers Eliminated 8th
in Episode 9
"Paintball Deer Hunter"
* Lindsay (I) The Screaming Gophers Eliminated 9th
in Episode 10
"If You Can't Take the Heat"
15 DJ The Killer Bass Eliminated 10th
in Episode 11
"Who Can You Trust?"
14 Harold The Killer Bass Eliminated 11th
in Episode 12
"Basic Straining"
13 Bridgette The Killer Bass Merged Eliminated 12th
in Episode 13
"X-treme Torture"
12 Gwen The Killer Bass Eliminated 13th
in Episode 15
"No Pain, No Game"
11 Courtney The Screaming Gophers Eliminated 14th
in Episode 16
"Search and Do Not Destroy"
10 Eva The Killer Bass Eliminated 15th
in Episode 17
"Hide and Be Sneaky"
9 Katie The Screaming Gophers Eliminated 16th
in Episode 18
"That's Off the Chain!"
8 Cody The Killer Bass Eliminated 17th
in Episode 19
"Hook, Line, and Screamer"
7 Heather The Screaming Gophers Eliminated 18th
in Episode 20
"Wawanakwa Gone Wild"
6 Lindsay (II) The Screaming Gophers Eliminated 19th
in Episode 21
"Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon"
5 Owen The Screaming Gophers Eliminated 20th
in Episode 22
"Haut Camp-Ture" (Canada)
"After the Dock of Shame" (USA)
4.5 A Beaver None, considered Gopher Eliminated 21st
in Episode 23
"Camp Castaways"
4 Duncan The Killer Bass 4rd Place
in Episode 24
"Are We There, Yeti?"
3 Kenzen The Screaming Gophers 3rd Place Recipient
in Episode 25
"I Triple Dog Dare You!"
2 Izzy The Screaming Gophers Runner Up
in Episode 26
"The Very Last Episode, Really!"
1 Noah The Screaming Gophers Winner
in Episode 26
"The Very Last Episode, Really!"

Between Seasons

Kenzen visited home and hung out with his freinds.

Total Drama Action

Kenzen, Izzy, Noah, Courtney, Duncan, Beth, Cody, Sadie, Bridgette, DJ, Ezekiel, Katie, Lindsay, and Owen all returned. And Heather sued to be on the show and will appear in 3:10 to Crazy Town.

In Monster Cash, Kenzen immediately allied with Izzy and Noah. Kenzen was captured by the monster when he jumped in front of Izzy and there beaver, when Izzy was caught they mde out in the blow up bounce house. The boys lost the challenge because Duncan accidentally knocked Owen out, so they boys' biggest hope of winning was dashed. They got the nice trailer, when Lindsay chose the smashed one.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Kenzen teamed up with Izzy and Noah to find the eggs. The three make it to the boiler room and get the eggs, Unluckily, Chef came in and shot Izzy. Kenzen and Courtney became team captains. The two people eliminated were Katie and Sadie, because get rid of em together or listen to the crying.

In Riot on Set, Kenzen picked Izzy, Noah, Bridgette, Duncan, and Owen for the Killer Grips, which meant Courtney, Beth, Cody, Lindsay, Ezekiel, and DJ as the the The Screaming Gaffers. The Grips did great, and got all their equipment up the hill. Kenzen performed for the Grips, and lost when chef started crying for DJ in the Gaffers performance. Kenzen allied with Izzy and Noah. The three decided to vote out Bridgette. Bridgette was voted out.

In Beach Blanket Bogus, Kenzen had a good breakfast. During the surfing challenge, Kenzen got a pigeon in the kiwis. The Grips won that part of the challene. The Gaffers won the sandcastle contest, because Bidgette hit the sand castle down with her surfboard. In the tie breaker dancing contest, Izzy danced for the Grips, and Lindsay for the Gaffers. Izzy won. The Grips celebrated their victory on the beach.

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Kenzen, Izzy, and Noah discussed who they'd vote off if the Grips lost. Noah decided they'd vote off whoever did worse in the challenge, and Izzy, and Kenzen agreed. While jumping onto the horse, Kenzen landed on the horse, but landed on his head. The Grips won, because Beth and Cody didn't jump for the Gaffers while everyone jumped for the Grips, Cody and Beth later were found making out. The Gaffers had to rope the Grips. The Grips lost that part of the challenge. For a tie breaker, Chris had them do a water gun quick draw. Duncan shot for the Grips, while Cody did for the Gaffers. Cody won. Izzy, Noah, and Kenzen voted for Owen. Kenzen, got the last award, and Heather returned and was put on the Grips.

In The Aftermath: I, Sadie and Katie talked to Owen and Bridgette and, Tyler non accepted to TDI was a guest. The TDA contestants went to see a movie.

In The Chefshank Redemption, Kenzen picked Duncan to eat the disgusting food during the challenge. The Gaffers got the golden shovel. Izzy pushed the Grips in the cart, and they got to digging first, as DJ pushed for the Gaffers. The Grips dug underground and escaped first, but they then discovered Eva was back on the show and was put on the Gaffers. The Gaffers voted off Lindsay.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Eva became leader of the Gaffers, much to Courtney's annoyance. Kenzen, Izzy, and Noah all agreed to vote out Heather. Kenzen ate nothing and had a good nights sleep. The Gaffers won the challenge after Beth saved everyone. Beth got the reward and went to the spa with her cousin, Seline. Chris switched up the team to Kenzen gratitude The teams go as follow, Kenzen, Izzy, DJ, Heather, Eva, and for the Killer Grips, which meant Courtney, Noah, Cody, Ezekiel, and Beth were the Screaming Gaffers, Kenzen's was bit happy with the new arrangements.

In The Sand Witch Project, Izzy was chosen to scare the Grips. Izzy didn't scare Kenzen but he faked fear. DJ and Eva had to make out, and Izzy scared DJ. The Grips won, and had to scare the Gaffers out of the Craft Services Tent. The Grips succeeded after following Kenzen's plan, and the Gaffers lost. They voted out Ezekiel because he is to creepy and his boogers were all over his pants.

In Masters of Disasters, Kenzen regained leadership of the Grips, After Eva took over. Cody was hit by a bowling ball during the challenge and his arm was badly hurt. He was taken to the hospital in case it was broken. The Gaffers got the safe combination, and escape the submarine long before the water got to ankle level. The Gaffers won the reward. Cody returned with a broken wrist that would be okay in several days.

In Full Metal Drama, Eva, again declared herself the Grips' leader, so Kenzen locked her in the confessional. Cody sat out of the challenge. The Grips figured out the explosives, but only because of Kenzen's love of pyro tech. They kept, the Trunk of Mind-Blowing Secrets from the Gaffers. Kenzen, Izzy, DJ, and Heather voted for Eva, in a one time alliance.

In The Aftermath: II, Katie and Sadie talked to Ezekiel, Lindsay and Eva. And the TDA contestants go to an arcade.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Kenzen and Courtney were captured and put into bank vaults. The Gaffers, decided to leave Courtney in the vault. The Grips, got Kenzen out. Courtney spent most of the episode in the vault and was shocked to learn Harold had sued the show to be back. Harold was put on the Grips, who lost. Beth and Cody became a couple. Kenzen voted for Heather, DJ was elimanated.

In One Million Bucks, B.C., The Grips successfully built a fire, Thanks to Kenzen. Kenzen was up against Noah on the pedestals. Noah hit Kenzen on the head, and Kenzen fell into the tar. The Grips won the reward.

In Million Dollar Babies, Kenzen came in first on the board and it was him against Cody, He threw 3 balls in the hoop in one shot, and Cody hit the rim because of his wrist. In the Cheer leading challenge the grips Cheer was, Chris is the best, Chris is the best, Chris is the best, Chris is the best, Chris is the best, Chris is the best, Chris is the best, Chris is the best, AND WILL ALWAYS BE. They won, The Gaffers voted off Cody, Beth and Cody kissed one last time.

In Dial M for Merger, Kenzen got a dart to the neck and fell into the pit, He got a black eye. When the teams merged he started his alliance off him, Izzy , and Noah back up. He got the grappling hook and wire cutters, He shared them with no strings attached the others ditched him and him Izzy, and Noah did not get stink he won it and Him and Izzy got to go to the cheese factory, They got kicked out when they were found making out on the tour wasting time of the workers.

In Super Hero-ld, Kenzen superhero was Changer, with the power of changing him anyway, into anything. He won Invincibility. In a shocking turn of Events, Noah was voted off.

In The Aftermath: III, Katie and Sadie talk to DJ, Noah, and Cody. Noah and Eva become a couple. The TDA contestants celebrate Kenzen's Birthday.

In Princess Pride, Kenzen and Izzy tried the boot on, it fit Izzy. Harold began to fall in love with Izzy and it made Kenzen mad he fell of the bridge, Izzy was sad for him. She pushed Harold down in the fight, and she declared her love for Kenzen. Harold was voted off, Kenzen and Izzy kissed.

In Get a Clue, Kenzen swallowed the USB chip and Chef announced the challenge. Heather her bossy self won the fist and second parts. Izzy solved the puzzle, Heather complained when she lost. Izzy took Courtney to the Movie and they became great freinds.

In Rock n' Rule, Cody was brought back for no reason. Kenzen won the first challenge due to his talent at Guitar Hero, and not caring that day. Cody won the second after his talent at being uncool helped him. Izzy destroyed the hotel room and won immunity. Duncan was eliminated, Heather left with him, When the vote was a tie. Leaving the final five, Kenzen, Cody, Beth, Izzy, and Courtney.

In Crouching Izzy, Hidden Kenzen, Kenzen woke up on top of a pair of Nunchuks with a note saying to sabotage on of the teams, Chris showed up and formed teams Cody and Beth and Izzy and Courtney. He told Kenzen his family blew 25,000 dollars on an addition to there house, and he would give Kenzen 25,000 to stir up the doo doo. He and the beaver sabotaged Cody and Beths team, Izzy and Courtney split the reward, and later Kenzen and Cody Formed an alliance.

In 2008: A Space Kenny,When awoken by Chris Kenzen said he would earn the money fairly, by winning. In the first challenge Kenzen was pulled out of the hole in the ship and won in the vomit commit when he lasted 10 minutes. With Beth the best choice to eliminate Cody protested but voted for her. With four votes for Beth and one for Izzy, Beth decided to rig the votes and over rid there votes and Izzy was eliminated they kissed and she left.

In Top Dog, With suspicion aroused by Kenzen and Courtney why Izzy was voted off, Beth began to be very on edge. In The Challenge Kenzen Was with a bear, Courtney was with a Lion, Cody was with a Raccoon and Beth was with a rat. in the most like each other challenge Beth and The Rat won. But in the navigation challenge Kenzen and Courtney finished in a tie giving them both Invincibility. When Kenzen, Cody, and Courtney voted for Beth, She rigged the votes again when Chris hung up his cell phone from a call with Courtney's lawyers Beth was sent packing but with cody due to the fact he got the most votes leaving the final two.

In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Kenzen and Courtney Ate and were rudely interrupted and had to clean bathrooms, by the time they had finished and taken there flag up the pole Kenzen was ahead. Courtney was behind because of the fact she only knew facts about her three friends while Kenzen knew about everyone but Sadie. When to the final challenge with Kenzen and Courtney were asked about Sadie, Kenzen said he would rather push her off the boat of losers than know anything about her. When In the Disaster challenge Courtney and Kenzen teamed up and said that it would be a race but they were friends. It ended in a tie.

In The Aftermath: IV, with everybody shocked Kenzen and Courtney competed in a mini challenge to decide the winner of basket ball Kenzen and Courtney tied. Then Chris got there they were asked questions by the eliminated people, it revealed Courtney was really really nice, just a poor sport. The vote were tallied and Kenzen won. Courtney and Duncan hugged after she lost, but Kenzen could not be happier.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Josh, Blaineley and a third and fourth host named Rupert and Sandra opened the show announcing they would be following the Total Drama Teens, they first caught up with Noah and Cody who were now Co-Founders of a large book store chain. They next caught up with Trent, Justin and Owen who were all popular tv show hosts of the reality show Total Drama Party. Following the they show that Ezekiel had become his dads succeeder as a goat farmer, after that they show Beth had become a emo loner after the show and that she was hated. Eva was shown next alongside Bridgette who were proud owners of a large chain coffee shop, "Happy Fridays", these were in there boyfriends (Eva-Noah and Bridgette-Cody) book stores. DJ and Katie had gotten engaged (Katie being 18 and DJ being 19 making them the oldest contestants). Sadie was currently a complete wreck and in an insane asylum. Lindsay and Harold who were currently dating had lived normally in California. Geoff, Gwen, Heather and LeShawna had become part of a popular YouTube channel Vloggers Of TDI. They then moved to Izzy and Kenzen who were popular in the movie industry for many of there couple movies. Courtney and Duncan only had footage of making out so they said they had done nothing. They then sent 17 year old Rupert, 16 year old Sandra and 16 year old Sierra there intern to go to the red carpet and interview them while most of the contestants were interviewed while some were not (Courtney and Duncan were making out, Beth pulled a knife on them forcing her to be put in jail, and Sadie answers were cry muted). when Chris said they weren't famous anymore and he had a new show called Total Drama Brothers with an all male cast they were locked out. When the bus had left with Chris and the other Total Drama Brothers cast. They set out to stop the bus, after they ultimately failed and crashed. While Owen, LeShawna, Sadie, Trent, Justin and Geoff went to look for help the others waited. Chris later saved them and Alejandro from the Total Drama Brothers bus that crashed into a wall and announced that they all would be in the show along with 5 new contestants Allison, Rupert, Sandra, Sierra, and Alejandro. The show was then ended by Josh and Blaineley.


Position Cast Mate First Team Team Swap Merge Status
17 Sadie None 1st/2nd Voted Out
in Alien Resurr-eggtion1
16 Katie None 1st/2nd Voted Out
in Alien Resurr-eggtion1
15 Bridgette Killer Grips 3rd Voted Out
in Riot On Set
14 Owen Killer Grips 4th Voted Out
in 3:10 to Crazytown
13 Lindsay Screaming Gaffers 5th Voted Out
in The Chefshank Redemption
12 Ezekiel Screaming Gaffers Screaming Gaffers 6th Voted Out
in The Sand Witch Project
11 Eva Screaming Gaffers Killer Grips 7th Voted Out
in Full Metal Drama
10 DJ Screaming Gaffers Killer Grips 8th Voted Out
in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine
* Cody (1) Screaming Gaffers Screaming Gaffers 9th Voted Out
in Million Dollar Babies
9 Noah Killer Grips Screaming Gaffers Merged 10th Voted Out
in Super Hero-ld
8 Harold Killer Grips Killer Grips 11th Voted Out
in Princess Pride
12/13 Duncan Killer Grips Killer Grips 12/13th Voted Out
in Rock n' Rule
12/13 Heather Killer Grips Killer Grips 12/13th Voted Out
in Rock n' Rule
14 Izzy Killer Grips Killer Grips 14th Voted Out
in 2008: A Space Owen
15/16 Cody (2) Screaming Gaffers Screaming Gaffers 4th Place
in Top Dog
15/16 Beth Screaming Gaffers Screaming Gaffers 3rd Place Recipient
in Top Dog
2 Courtney Screaming Gaffers Screaming Gaffers Runner Up
in The Aftermath: IV
1 Kenzen Killer Grips Killer Grips Winner
in The Aftermath: IV

Between Seasons

Kenzen was pulled into a 12 person game with some friend he played till TDWT He came in 5th.

Total Drama World Tour


Position Cast Mate Team Status
Gwen TBA
Heather TBA
Duncan TBA
Lindsay TBA
Harold TBA
Ezekiel TBA
Noah TBA
Bridgette TBA
Alejandro TBA
Cody TBA
Courtney TBA
Izzy TBA
Katie TBA
Allison TBA
Kenzen TBA
Sierra TBA
Rupert TBA
Sandra TBA



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