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Despise with all of my being

52. Zoey

Well. here's a shocker. Zoey the Lonely is at the lonely bottom of the lonely list. Lonely. Her personality in general just ticks me off (idk if you can say ticks in here). You know, if she had one. Her entire existence revolves around Mike like he's the sun, and the constant godplaying in TDAS just really peeved me off. Quite easily one of the worst Total Drama characters of all time

51. Sky

You see, I immediately have a disdain and animosity for any character that randomly spews grandiose athletic stunts in a snap, even if it's part of their character (Even though I have no problem with Alejandro). Sky has a similar problem to Zoey, I see little personality in her. My hatred for her was with that dumb tree gymnastics stuff in Pahk'd With Talent. And yes, I am aware that she's supposed to be an ATHLETE, but it still bugs me that she was able to do that. I don't even think she failed a stunt in TDPI. Did she?

50. Mike

See? One of my 3 most hated characters is a male, I swear I'm not a sexist. Anyway, I'm talking about TDAS Mike (AKA Mal), not TDROTI Mike, which was undeniably better than this garbage heap that was Awful-Villain Mal/Mike. All Mal did was giggle in the secret outhouse place (confessional) like a little girl, break some stuff, scare the bejeebers out of Zoey multiple times, and LARP as Mike. Sure, he managed to eliminate Alejandro and Gwen (indirectly), and probably more, but that's only two (or more). I've seen more eliminations caused because of DJ. And two of his eliminations were from himself.

Meh, I don't quite like them...

49. Dawn

I agree with all of the characters in TDROTI, Dawn is creepy. Sure, aura stuff is "cool," I guess, but it's done so creepily that it's hard for me to find likeness in her. Her "caring" for Earth annoys me, like most people that "care" about "Mother" Earth. Blegh. This ranking is turning into a rant now, so I'll stop.

48. Beth

A lot of females are at the bottom of my list. I have no idea why. But Beth, yeah, she also annoys me. Not as much as Zoey or Sky, but she still irks me. Her niceness was irritating, the underdog status she was given was an overstatement, and she did not deserve to be in the final 2 with Duncan. Duncan vs. Courtney would've been a lot more interesting. THANKS, Beth! I'm glad that there's a possibility we won't see her again. The Wannabe was getting on my nerves massively.

I don't hate or like them, they neutral

47. Jasmine

Hoo boy. Jasmine is truly a neutral one for me. I don't hate her, nor do I like her either. She's a good character, yes. She went through good character development, yes. But Jasmine x Shawn? Eh, not really digging it. (Oh boy, am I being a hipster with this ranking.) It seems way obvious, and even though it's properly set up and well written, I don't really care for either Jasmine or the ship, Jawn. Or Shasmine. Or JaShawn, Or ShaJasmine. Whatever.

46. Duncan

Again, another neutral.character. (Most characters will be in the neutral.) I don't hate nor like Duncan. He's just THERE for me. I don't really have that much of an opinion on him, he doesn't seem all that important to me. I am gonna call him out on that he always manages to merge. How?

45. Courtney

This one's more negative-neutral than neutral-neutral. If you're wondering why she's above Jasmine and Duncan, I didn't think about it 'til just now. Courtney is a mixed bag for me. On one side, you got the positive things about her, which is pretty small. On the other, you got a bunch of stuff that represents her bad qualities, which take up mostly the entire bag. I mean seriously. I don't hate her guts, nor do I love her... um, yeah. She's just a tad more on the bad side for me.

44. Trent

I just don't have much opinion on Trent. I didn't really notice him in TDI or TDA, he was just there. His 9 stuff WAS a tad unexpected and vague, but I don't really notice Trent that much. So... yeah. I don't really care for Trent, and I wouldn't care if he was in another season.

43. Gwen

Again, another character I'm not opinionated on. While I admit Gwen had a definite personality in her debut season (unlike Zoey, Sky, or normal Mike), it seems a little shoved a little to the side as the series progresses. You saw definitive development from her original self in TDA and TDWT, but TDAS... seemed pretty much the same to me. Yeah, I see where people re coming from with TDAS, but I don't really notice the problems. Even Sundae Muddy Sundae was decent for me. You heard that right. Or read. Anyway, I'm straying off topic. Gwen... eh. After TDI, she lost her purpose, so I don't really have anything left to say.

42. Samey

Meh, again, neutral with her, and I don't have much of an opinion on her. I also got kinda put off guard that she lost her patience by the second episode. After 16 years, I'd thought it'd take much longer than 2 episodes. But that's about it. Don't really care for her.

41. Blaineley

Again, I don't really hate or love her. I actually am dislike-heutral with her. She had NO, NO purpose in the competition. I kinda wanted Noah to return, not your diva butt. She was basically a waste of space. But I don't really hate her, she's not completely hatable. I'm being real brief with this. I dunno why.

40. Eva

More neutrality. Yay. Eva is actually very relatable to me in her anger problems. I get probably as destructive and threatening as she does in the beginning of TDI. Sure, she's very one-note, but she still has potential to be, like, an overly-aggressive and threatening antagonist. Like, she'd scare her teammates into voting for someone else. Or something. I wouldn't mind her competing in TDRR or something.

39. Hint: Is the only female with theme music.

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