You know how I had a top 52 list? Well, I'm scrapping it. Lost interest.

Instead I'll be doing my top 5 characters for each gender.

This one goes out to the ladies. Literally. It's my top 5 females of all time.

5. Heather

Heather (Not Quite Famous)

"I can play these losers like a violin."

Heather actually used to be my most hated character back in 2008 (When TDI first started airing in my country) because she got Harold eliminated (Back then, Harold was my only favorite and hated pretty much every other character). Now that the years have gone by since then, Heather's earned my respect. I'm kind of glad that she made the finals in TDWT. Though she did go a little crazy in her TDROTI cameo. It's also her relatability with me (I'm a spoiled white teen too, though I'm a guy) that makes her appeal to me. She DID deserve what she got in I Triple Dog Dare You, though.

4. ???

Hint: She's in a lot of sweets.

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