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  • Keno9988II

    You know how I had a top 52 list? Well, I'm scrapping it. Lost interest.

    Instead I'll be doing my top 5 characters for each gender.

    This one goes out to the ladies. Literally. It's my top 5 females of all time.

    Heather actually used to be my most hated character back in 2008 (When TDI first started airing in my country) because she got Harold eliminated (Back then, Harold was my only favorite and hated pretty much every other character). Now that the years have gone by since then, Heather's earned my respect. I'm kind of glad that she made the finals in TDWT. Though she did go a little crazy in her TDROTI cameo. It's also her relatability with me (I'm a spoiled white teen too, though I'm a guy) that makes her appeal to me. She DID deserve wha…

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  • Keno9988II

    The "my own" stuff has been overused to the point where it's a boiling pile of mush, why not just go swim in it?

    I'll be puting my own elimination orders of each season. The participants will be exactly the same as canon.

    i wont be giving reason cuz lazy

    24. Courtney

    23. Eva

    22. Beth

    21. Duncan

    20. Cody

    19. Justin

    18. Gwen

    17. Tyler

    16. Lindsay

    15. Katie

    14. Bridgette

    13. Izzy


    Eva AND Gwen RETURN

    12. Eva

    11. Sadie

    10. Owen

    9. Trent

    8. DJ

    7. Noah

    6. Gwen

    5. Geoff

    4. Ezekiel

    3. Leshawna

    1/2. Heather

    1/2. Harold

    17/16. Izzy + Owen


    15. Duncan

    14. Bridgette

    13. Leshawna

    Duncan RETURNS

    12. Gwen

    11. Duncan

    10. Harold

    Courtney DEBUTS

    9. Trent


    8. Beth

    7. Courtney

    6. Geoff

    Harold RETURNS

    5. Heather

    4. Harold

    3. DJ

    1/2. Lindsay

    1/2. Justin

    20. Owen


    19. Hea…

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  • Keno9988II

    total drama character rankings!!!11111

    No images because I don't know how to blog entry... image... thing.

    Despise with all of my being

    52. Zoey

    Well. here's a shocker. Zoey the Lonely is at the lonely bottom of the lonely list. Lonely. Her personality in general just ticks me off (idk if you can say ticks in here). You know, if she had one. Her entire existence revolves around Mike like he's the sun, and the constant godplaying in TDAS just really peeved me off. Quite easily one of the worst Total Drama characters of all time

    51. Sky

    You see, I immediately have a disdain and animosity for any character that randomly spews grandiose athletic stunts in a snap, even if it's part of their character (Even though I have no problem with Alejandro). Sk…

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