Favorite character: Noah

To me, Noah was just the right thing the show needed. Owen, the cornerstone of comic relief, had one joke: farting. He's a good character, but I just can't stand that type of childish humor His interactions in World Tour with Owen, Izzy, Alejandro, and even Tyler were mostly comical and pure genius. ("Make a mental note of that bro" "I don't have a pen") Even his drop of shame was hilarious as he claimed Alejandro eliminated him because of his "superior mental ability" (or something like that) and then fell into a pool of electric eels. I just love all his sarcastic, witty remarks.

Despised Character: ZOEY

I'm trying not to rant here so this might be kinda short. I hate Zoey for quite a few reasons so here they are: -She has NO personality whatsoever. She is defined by being nice, when she has shown to be a jerk at times -She claimed she joined the show to make friends, yet she turned down multiple opportunities to make friends. -She is naive, and will believe pretty much anything Mike says because he's her "hot and smart perfect boyfriend" -I know everyone was dumbed down in all stars, but she was most definitely the worst. SHE DIDNT REALIZE MIKE WAS MAL FOR TWELVE EPISODES EVEN AFTER RECEIVING COUNTLESS WARNINGS FROM DUNCAN, IZZY, ALEJANDRO, AND MIKE HIMSELF!!! I am sorry if you are a Zoey fan, I would love to hear your opinion in the comments. Oh yeah, when I made this, I kinda forgot the Pahiktew characters, ya know, existed, so another one of my despised characters would be Sugar. She is a horrible, rude, disgusting pig and I hope she never gets another chance to compete.

Favorite season: World Tour

As said, this season was the best because of all the effort they put into it. They had to animate each different location, new characters, and they had to create 30 different songs for the cast members to sing! The character interactions were great, and I loved seeing Cody, Tyler, Noah, and Ezekiel return. The final two was amazing and memorable, and I love how they introduced Alejandro, Sierra, and Blaineley. The two bad things about this season:

-Feral Zeke (ToT)


Despised Season- All Stars

To me, this season wasn't as bad as people make it out to be, but it still sucked. I mean, the abandoned plots, the animation glitches, the suckish main antagonist, THE FREAKIN RESET BUTTON!!! I could go on and on all day about this but I'm trying to keep it short so here were the two good things about this season:

-the interactions between the old and new casts

-FREAKIN SCOTT MAN-he kept me laughing the whole time

Most Overrated Character: Courtney

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Courtney. She is actually one of my favorite characters. It's just that I can't seem to go anywhere in the TD fan base without seeing something about awesome or horrible Courtney is. (But she really is awesome)

Most Underrated Character: Eva

Ive actually always liked Eva, but she only competed in I think four episodes, and didn't contribute much to the plot. Then Jo came along who was sort of like her replacement and pushed her out of the spotlight even further. I think it would be really cool to see her compete again. And to get a bigger fanbase.

Favorite couple: GWENT!!!

Ok seriously, their relationship was the main focus (relationship wise) of season one. I loved the way their relationship developed and he got her to come out of her shell and they still continued on through all the ups and downs of their relationship.

Despised couple: GWUNCAN

the first time I saw this episode, I was like freaking out because they got together (AND NOAH GOT ELIMINATED) I think their breakup was rushed and that freakin love triangle ruined three perfectly good characters. Courtney was finally getting positive development and being more understanding and nice, when her boyfriend cheats on her with her new friend. So the lesson I'm getting here is trust no one because no matter how nice they seem they might stab you in the back.

Favorite Song: I'm Gonna Make It

I dunno I just really like this song

Despised Song: Lovin Time

It just seemed worse because it followed Come Fly With Us and I freakin love that song too

Favorite Episode: Camp Castaways

This episode was just completely full of comedy. The cabins floating away, Owen being stuck in the confessional with his grueling eleven minutes of isolation, "confessing their sins" in the treehouse, the plan to find the "head hunters," and the best of all... MR COCONUT!!!

Despised Episode: Full Metal Drama

Ya know how I said I don't like that type of potty humor? Yeah, that was pretty much the main focus of this episode. I mean, it had its moments (EXPLOSIVO) but still.

Yeah, so that's my opinion and I would love to hear yours in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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