I had this on my dA so I figured I'd put it up here

It was numbered, but then it didn't work, so I was just like whateva

My name is Kayla

I live in New York

My favorite color is purple

I'm Italian

I love watching Mystery Diners

My favorite show is Total Drama and Noah and Sierra are my fav characters

I want to be an animator

I've been a CIT

I have a bird named Tricky but he only responds to Tricky the Bird and thinks he's too cool for me XD

I have a pair of white Vans high tops which I LOVE

I suck at skateboarding XD

I'm bad at making friends

I have really sensitive eyes

I hate writing but everyone says I'm really good at it

I do most drawing digitally on my iPad

I have a giant narwhal stuffed animal beanbag type thing that sits on my bed

My room used to be purple when I was little but now it's all faded and pink and I haven't bothered to re-paint it

I wear mostly black and other dark colors

I used to have a pug dog named Buster

I love Penn Station for some weird reason XD

Maroon 5, Pitbull, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande are my favorite musical artists

I'm about 5 feet 4 inches tall

I love reading

My bird is currently squaking at me

I sleep with an eye mask and a pillow pet :)

I have a fuzzy purple blanket and a matching pillow :)

In the winter they make an ice skating rink near my house

I love playing basketball and have a net in my yard

My house is yellow

I love that unamed guy from SVTFOE in Mewberty with the piercings and the half shaved head XD

I'm really good at making deviled eggs

I love baking

I'm a vegetarian

I'm a bit overweight

I love painting my nails black

One time on a bus ride to a field trip me and my friend sat together. I wrote a list of everything I hate (it was three pages) while she used a frisbee as a steering wheel and pretended to be her dad (he curses a lot so she yelled "bleep!" a lot XD)

I'm gonna finish this in the morning cause I'm going to bed

Heehee I'm back...

I love playing Mario Kart with my friends

Also Just dance

I have a Wii U

I've been dancing for the past eight years

I played lacrosse for two years

I hate most sports

I'm really good at history and science

I play the saxophone

My mom works with the library so we got to go to the book expo! I ment James Dashner and he signed a copy of The Maze Runner for me!!!

My dad is a photographer

There is a chocolate shop near my grandma's house


Sorry Bon Jovi moment XD

I suck at monopoly

I'm scared of rollercoasters

I have a season pass for Splish Splash

I haven't been on a plane in 7 years

I like trains XD

I love the show Parks and Recreation and the Big Bang Theory

I have friends in Prague

I've never been out of the USA

I want to get a premium membership so I can change my username (dA)

I have a dA account

Now you can see all my crappy art!

I drew a picture of Sierra like the Noah one ( but I didn't like it enough to put it up here

Most commissions I do the whole lineart then scrap it and start over

I collect state quarters and rubber duckies

I love building things out of those cardboard blocks that look like bricks

When something interests me, I look into it until I'm satisfied or can't find anymore information

I would never become a doctor cause all that stuff freaks me out

I'm horrible at grammar

I like making things about of rainbow duck tape

My favorite pizza place is in Penn Station. It's called Don Pepi Pizza. Next time ya go there, look for it in between a resteraunt and a Krispy Kreme donuts place

I talk to myself sometimes

I love HUGS

I love smoothies

I have five american girl dolls

Cartoons > live action

I have a drawer in my desk filled with random useless junk

I usually wear mis matched socks

I have too many stuffed animals

I'm swag

I love Fritos

I'm currently watching Gravity Falls

This is fact number 83

Half the time I forget to eat breakfast

I always wear my hair up in a ponytail or a bun

I've never broke a bone

I usually go to sleep sometime between 9:30 and 11:30

I love reading fanfictions

My mom's car is blue

I use my phone way to often

I always seem to love the characters in TV shows are punks/delinquents/goths

I wanna pierce my nose and maybe my eyebrow when I'm older

I would get a tattoo

I hate taking selfies

This journal is fun to write

I use TRESemmé hair conditioner

I don't get nervous talking to guys, but I never really know the right things to say

I think over my words carefully in my head before I say them

I love watching the sun rise

I just finished this journal BAM

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