Kayla t1903

aka Sierra clone #5193

  • I live in New York. I'm lying. Or I'm not.
  • I was born on January 9
  • I am Amazing
  • Kayla t1903

    I had this on my dA so I figured I'd put it up here

    It was numbered, but then it didn't work, so I was just like whateva

    My name is Kayla

    I live in New York

    My favorite color is purple

    I'm Italian

    I love watching Mystery Diners

    My favorite show is Total Drama and Noah and Sierra are my fav characters

    I want to be an animator

    I've been a CIT

    I have a bird named Tricky but he only responds to Tricky the Bird and thinks he's too cool for me XD

    I have a pair of white Vans high tops which I LOVE

    I suck at skateboarding XD

    I'm bad at making friends

    I have really sensitive eyes

    I hate writing but everyone says I'm really good at it

    I do most drawing digitally on my iPad

    I have a giant narwhal stuffed animal beanbag type thing that sits on my bed

    My room used to be…

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  • Kayla t1903

    Controversy Meme

    July 14, 2015 by Kayla t1903

    Favorite character: Noah

    To me, Noah was just the right thing the show needed. Owen, the cornerstone of comic relief, had one joke: farting. He's a good character, but I just can't stand that type of childish humor His interactions in World Tour with Owen, Izzy, Alejandro, and even Tyler were mostly comical and pure genius. ("Make a mental note of that bro" "I don't have a pen") Even his drop of shame was hilarious as he claimed Alejandro eliminated him because of his "superior mental ability" (or something like that) and then fell into a pool of electric eels. I just love all his sarcastic, witty remarks.

    Despised Character: ZOEY

    I'm trying not to rant here so this might be kinda short. I hate Zoey for quite a few reasons so here they are…

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