Hey guys, this is my first blog and cuz i luv GWUNCAN i wanna share some of my thought of why GWUNCAN should exist!!!

1- everyone knows Gwen and Duncan have a lot in comman like the movies blood bath 2 or alien chunks or that they both are gothy punky LOVEBIRDS and for those of you who ship Duncan and Courtney i totally respect that..but i hope that you alsp respect that i HATE Courtney and that i think she should just stay with the DIRT FARMER scott.

2-they just look SOOO cute together...simple

3-seasons Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action from the hi-fives and the fistbumps and the HUGS it was obvious that they were gonna kiss and get together 

4-in Total Drama World Tour episode 13 ( i see London ) Courtney and Gwen were talking about Duncan, and she had shown Gwen the 47 things she wanted to change about Duncan where as Gwen loves and respects everything about Duncan, Courtney doesnt even apriciates or cares about anyone and anything exept herself!!!!!!!!

5-the reason GWUNCAN is perfection, life its self, etc is that, can you even think of a name for Duncan and Courtney that makes sense or sounds good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmmm can ya HMMMMMMM


i'm gonna make more blogs about "relationships that i think should happen" soon BBYE

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