• Katieblues953


    July 12, 2015 by Katieblues953

    Hey guys, this is my first blog and cuz i luv GWUNCAN i wanna share some of my thought of why GWUNCAN should exist!!!

    1- everyone knows Gwen and Duncan have a lot in comman like the movies blood bath 2 or alien chunks or that they both are gothy punky LOVEBIRDS and for those of you who ship Duncan and Courtney i totally respect that..but i hope that you alsp respect that i HATE Courtney and that i think she should just stay with the DIRT FARMER scott.

    2-they just look SOOO cute together...simple

    3-seasons Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action from the hi-fives and the fistbumps and the HUGS it was obvious that they were gonna kiss and get together 

    4-in Total Drama World Tour episode 13 ( i see London ) Courtney and Gwen were talking about…

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