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  • Kate4TDWT

    My Birthday and a Rant

    August 25, 2010 by Kate4TDWT

    Ok! My birthday is in TWO days. August 27th! So anyway just wanted to let you know. And now my RANT!

    Ok have any of you noticed that every song after Come Fly with Us sounds scripted? Like in Strip Them Down when Gwen, Heather, and Courtney sing, "Cause if we don't we're hosed." Well how did they know the other was going to sing that? That happens LOTS of times. Also remember when this was something like a REALITY show? (this is a shout out to Musou) Remember Area 51? Remember the ALIENS? And the ET spoof? And the Invasion of the Body Snatchers? And I need to comment on....GWEN! In I See London...when she says, "Read the clue" It sounds so dramatic. Listen to it. And the whole DuncanxCourtneyxGwen thing is getting SO old. And now Tyler. I a…

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  • Kate4TDWT

    My Opinion: Noah

    August 1, 2010 by Kate4TDWT

    Now just by looking at my singature yiu can tell I'm CRAZY 'bout Noah! I was REALLY sad when he was eliminated in TDI and I hope he goes farther in TDWT. His commets make me repet them over and over untill I relize, "Wow I feel like Seirra." :) Anyway you didn't click this to see what I thought about Noah, or maybe you did? But I have some thoughts.

    1. I want Noah to win! (well duh! No kidding) Yet I haven't met someone that thinks he might! SHOW YOURSELVES PEOPLE!
    2. Any Noah fans are friends of mine!
    3. Even if you HATE Noah I respect that!
    4. I support Nizzy! (noah and izzy)

    And I want to hear YOU'RE Noah comments, sarcasm (not towered me), fan obssession, etc.

    Because we all have Noah in us.

    Come fly with us, come die with us.

    Keep up the fasinating facts…

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