So, a while back, a new season of Total Drama was confirmed. We know it'll have a new theme song, characters from the first generation are competing (but any of the All Stars competitors), and Chef will no longer be a co-host. And personally, I'm not that glad. Here's why.

Recent TD has been trash

Total Drama has been on a slippery, downward slope since World Tour ended. ROTI was subpar, AS was flawed, and PI is a disgusting garbage fire that I wish I could forget. Chris was getting boring. And the writing was slipping deep, deep down into the realms of sh*tty fanfiction. Then, Ridonculous Race happened. It is as good, if not better, than World Tour. We had a new (better) host and a cast that felt believable. It was great, and the legal gobbledygook at the end of the credits had it as Ridonculous Race: Season 1, implying another season could happen. But they aren't doing another season of Ridonculous Race. They're doing more TD.

Owen is most likely competing

I'm going to say it outright: I hate Owen. He did not deserve to win TDI. But his elimination in Got Venom implied he would be participating (Along with Noah, which I'm glad about). Kill me.


But who knows, maybe it won't be monumentally garbage. So, I thought it would be fun to mention a wish list for next season.

  • An old character repurposed as an antagonist
  • Owen get eliminated early
  • More exploration for Katie, Sadie, and Eva's characters
  • More Justin
  • Chris not hosting
  • Owen going home early
  • Noah making the merge
  • Izzy!
  • More Trent
  • Owen being voted out early

And my biggest wish for TD season 7 is...


Please, if you get nothing else right this season, give us some more Gidgette hosting and more Total Drama Aftermath!

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