No season of Total Drama is complete without someone to root against. But which villain is the most capable?

First, some ground rules. I'm looking at which villain is the best at the game, not how I like them. For characters who participate in multiple seasons I'll only focus on the season they're the primary antagonist. For seasons with multiple antagonists, I'll be focusing on the one who ranked highest. Finally, I'm not going to include Jacques and Josee, as RR is very different from TD.


My choice for the least competent antagonist is Courtney in TDA. First, she came in fourth. And she didn't even have to get there from the beggining! Unlike every other antagonist, she joined in halfway through the season. Let's take a look at her eliminated victims...

Owen, who Courtney eliminated by having a good lawyer, giving her invincibility. Leshawna, by peer pressuring Harold with Justin and Duncan. And Owen (again) thanks to her PDA.

Finally, her downfall was thanks to regular voting. That's lame. No alliances, no out-manipulation, just 2 people who decided to vote for her. That's lame.


"Oh!" I hear you typing. "But Sugar came in Third and Scott came in fourth!" Well, I have a few reasons why she's worse than Scott.

First, her victims. Ella, who she convinced to sing and then informed Chris, who disqualified the princess. She technically helped take down Scarlett. And she eliminated Jasmine by pushing a tree. None of these eliminations took that much skill.

Then, her downfall, which happened because she can't sing.

In general, Sugar is a different kind of antagonist. You root against her because she's mean and gross, not because she eliminated many players.


Next on our list is Scott. He came in fourth in ROTI. He had a unique strategy of challenge-throwing, which got a few victims.

First were B and Dawn, who Scott framed and got the team to vote off. Then, he eliminated Dakotazoid thanks to a handy Chris Head Immunity Idol that he found. Finally, he blackmailed Mike and won the challenge, allowing him to choose who goes home. He chose Mike.

Also, his downfall only came about thanks to Cameron and Zoey, who are both very competent players.


Starting off the top three is Heather, who was the main antagonist in TDI. She came in third that season. She played the by-the-books manipulation, tricking Beth and Lindsay into working for her. Some of her victims...

Eva, who's anger Heather took advantadge of. Justin, who she convinced Lindsay, Beth, and Izzy into voting for, along with bribing Owen. Trent, thanks to some of the best manipulation the show has seen. And Lindsay, who she used throughout the biking challenge. She also unintentionally played a part in eliminating Harold and DJ.

Also, she only fell because of an alliance between Gwen and Owen, both of whom are quite competent players.


Mal and Alejandro are the two antagonists who made it to the finale, but I put Mal in second because he started All Stars in a better position than Al did in World Tour.

"But Karp!" I hear you typing aggressively. "Mal eliminated Alejandro in All Stars!" And while that's true, keep in mind that everyone already hated Alejandro. If they were both in World Tour, Mal would have gone down. Still, he is quite able.


And my pick for the most competent TD antagonist is Alejandro. He made it to the final 2 in TDWT.

As for his eliminations, he has a couple. In TDWT, he played some part in 5 eliminations.

Oops, I typed that wrong. I meant to type that he played a part in ALL BUT 5 eliminations.

In a single season, Alejandro eliminated 13 MOTHERF*CKING PEOPLE.

That is ridiculous.

Also, he only competed in 2 seasons whereas Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Lindsay, and Heather all have 4. Yet he still manages to have the 2nd most eliminations of any contestant! All in all, Al is kind of ridiculous.

But what do you think? I think my fingers hurt after typing this much. See ya.

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