Ridonculous Race was a fantastic return to form for TD. ROTI wasn't amazing, I personally like AS but understand it is pretty flawed, and PI was the first and only bad season of Total Drama. But RR had 18 believable and fun pairs of characters, some of which I like more than others.

#18: The Rockers

I honestly hated these guys to the point I was genuinly disapointed when New Bejining was a non-elimination round. They were boring and obnoxious.

#17: The LARPers

Very obviously just fodder.

#16: The Geniuses

See above.

#15: The Adversity Twins

I don't really care about these two, but the attention to detail with their association with 12 is impressive on the writers' part.

#14: The Tennis Rivals

Also clearly fodder, but I liked their running gag of banter.

#13: The Stepbrothers

They'd probably do better on my list if not for that annoying themesong they sang in their last few episodes.

#12: The Vegans

Now we get into the characters I like. The Vegans were funny characters with a decent running gag.

#11: Mother and Daughter

They made me laugh.

#10: The Reality TV Pros

While I hate Owen with a burning passion, seeing Noah again was nice, and Noah had a good plot with Emma.

#9: The Daters

They started out a boring, mushy couple, but then they started arguing and got really funny.

#8: The Best Friends

I've never really liked the will-they-won't-they couples, but Carrie and Devin had an interesting and fluid dynamic.

#7: The Fashion Bloggers

These two were hilarious.

#6: The Surfer Dudes

Seeing Geoff again was cool and Brody was really funny, but they get most of their points for sacrificing themselves for The Best Friends. They also had hilarious interactions with each other and Don.

#5: The Police Cadets

Their determination, their rivalry with the Ice Dancers, their good cop bad cap interactions, Sanders mishap, these characters are amazing.

#4: Father and Son

These two had a believable relationship, and I could honestly relate to Junior a lot.

#3: The Ice Dancers

Great antagonists. They were funny, interesting, motivated, and great to root against. Loved them.

#2: The Sisters

Similar to Father and Son, their interactions felt genuine and realistic. Kitty was super funny, especially when she was playing matchmaker, but Emma's stern determination and tough love balanced her out perfectly. This is how you write characters.

#1: The Goths

My favorite characters. They were so funny, and actually pretty good in challenges, coming in first quite a few times. They also adopted a rabbit during the competition, which is awesome.  They are wonderful characters and nobody is telling me otherwise.

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