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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    OCs please

    August 16, 2017 by KarpToEndAllKarps

    I need 16 OCs. You'll need to give me their names, their stats (seen below) and a short overview of what kind of person they are.

    There are 3 stats: Intelligence, Athleticism, and Likability. These stats are measured from 1 to 10 and added all up must be 15 or less. (ie 5 Intelligence 5 Athleticism 6 Likability wouldn't be allowed because they add up to 16)

    The overview should give personality traits, motivation for entering a contest like Total Drama, and a possible strategy for entering a contest like Total Drama.

    Karp, Male.

    Intelligence: 8

    Athleticism: 3

    Likability: 4

    Karp does his best to be kind, but can often come off as cynical. He doesn't tend to make that many friends: in fact, he joined this competition to meet more people. His plan is…

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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    I would like an opinion from a moderator or just someone very familiar with the wiki:

    I'm an aspiring writer, and I had an idea for a TD fanfiction. Is the Total Drama Wiki a good place to post said fan fiction? I don't see a lot of writing on here, but don't really know where else I can post it. I can take (and in fact need) criticism, so that won't be an issue. Please get back to me when you can!

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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    I'm sure most of you know the rules, but I'm going to explain them anyway.

    You can choose one song to hurt and one to heal or double hurt one song, but can not double heal. The max HP for each character is 8, and you may leave one vote a day.

    (I'm sorry this is layed out so poorly, the wiki's format is difficult.)

    Come Fly With Us, 8 hp

    Lovin' Time, 8 hp

    Rowin' Time, 8 hp

    Before We Die, 8 hp

    Stuck To a Pole, 8 hp

    What's Not to Love, 8 hp

    Baby, 8 hp

    I'm Sorry, 8 hp

    Eine Kleine, 8 hp

    Gypsy Rap, 8 hp

    Paris in the Springtime, 8 hp

    Sea Shanty, 8 hp

    Oh My Izzy, 8 hp

    Save this Show, 8 hp

    Sisters, 8 hp

    Strip Them Down, 8 hp

    Greek Mix, 8 hp

    Boyfriend Kisser, 8 hp

    Shear The Sheep, 8 hp

    Gwen's Face, 8 hp

    Her Real Name Isn't Blainley, 8 hp

    Blaineriffic, 8 hp

    A Chinese Lesson, 8…

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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    So, a while back, a new season of Total Drama was confirmed. We know it'll have a new theme song, characters from the first generation are competing (but any of the All Stars competitors), and Chef will no longer be a co-host. And personally, I'm not that glad. Here's why.

    Total Drama has been on a slippery, downward slope since World Tour ended. ROTI was subpar, AS was flawed, and PI is a disgusting garbage fire that I wish I could forget. Chris was getting boring. And the writing was slipping deep, deep down into the realms of sh*tty fanfiction. Then, Ridonculous Race happened. It is as good, if not better, than World Tour. We had a new (better) host and a cast that felt believable. It was great, and the legal gobbledygook at the end of t…

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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    Ridonculous Race was a fantastic return to form for TD. ROTI wasn't amazing, I personally like AS but understand it is pretty flawed, and PI was the first and only bad season of Total Drama. But RR had 18 believable and fun pairs of characters, some of which I like more than others.

    I honestly hated these guys to the point I was genuinly disapointed when New Bejining was a non-elimination round. They were boring and obnoxious.

    Very obviously just fodder.

    See above.

    I don't really care about these two, but the attention to detail with their association with 12 is impressive on the writers' part.

    Also clearly fodder, but I liked their running gag of banter.

    They'd probably do better on my list if not for that annoying themesong they sang in their …

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