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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    The TD Aftermath intro plays as a studio audience cheers. The intro ended, and Alexis stepped onto a stage. It had a couch in the center, along with a comfortable chair off to the left. She addressed the camera. “Welcome to the first ever TDMM Aftermath! I’m your host, Alexis. After my a conflict started by Brutus ended in my elimination, I decided TV hadn’t had enough of me. So, following in the footsteps of two previous contestants, I started my own show. We’ve got four fellow goners, so without further ado, welcome to the first of three Aftermaths! Let’s meet our first guest.”  Music played as a clearly disgruntled Rick walked from the side and sat on the chair. He sighed. “Just ask the stupid questions.” Alexis sighed. “Is there anythi…

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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    Yes, I'm perfectly aware that this writing-pocalypse is my fault. That being said...

    please don't start a new fanfiction.

    If you have a cool and interesting idea, great! Head on over to the Total Drama Island Fanfiction wiki.

    If you want to gather OC's and write a season out of them, don't. Like, four people are already doing that.

    This public service announcement courtesy of the KarpToEndAllKarps board of complaining

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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    “Last time on Total Drama: Misfit Mayhem. It was time for quiz show, as our campers displayed some familiar traits. Thomas was useless, Lil was genius, and Brutus confused us all, ultimately leading to a loss for the Arrows and a trip home for Jason. Who’ll get owned? Who’s goin’ home?  Find out during today’s spooky episode of Total! Drama! Misfit Mayhem!”

    Chris woke up the camp and herded them to the mess hall.

    When everyone arrived, Chris started to explain. “Today, you’ll be terrifying some former contestants.” Tistan smiled.

    Conf: Tistan was fangirling. “I love horror movies. I actually want to direct one when I grow up!”

    As if on cue, a small boat came into view, carrying DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Duncan, and Gwen.

    Chris continued explaining.…

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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    What TD S6 Needs

    September 18, 2017 by KarpToEndAllKarps

    So, we know very little about TD6. But I think that if it's bad or it fails, we might be looking the end of this great show, and that would mega-suck. So we have to hope this season is good. But to figure that out, we must look at what made the great seasons great, and the bad season bad.

    First, allow me to express a few opinions. TDI is good, TDA is ok, TDWT is the best season (I will fight you on this), ROTI is mediocre, AS is really bad, and PI is only slightly better. As you can see, things weren't looking great for TD. Then, Ridonculous Race happened, and came really close to capturing the enjoyment that was present in World Tour. I think that doing another TD season instead of more RR was a mistake. But, I just made a blog post whinin…

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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    note: I am not defending All Stars. I understand it's a pretty terrible season.

    that being said:

    Yes, I get it. Zoey gets derailed, Mal sucks, Cameron and Sierra have a terrible plot, Sundae Muddy Sundae is trash. All of these things have been said a thousand times in a thousand posts. Here's why I take issue with it

    I haven't met a single person on this wiki who likes All Stars. It isn't a unique viewpoint, it isn't some edgy statement, it's just a ton of users aggresively agreeing with each other. At some point, it just gets tiring not being able to look anywhere without someone explaining to me for the millionth time why Mike's reset button is offensive.

    Here's a crazy thought: let's think optimistically about the show we all love. Let's ta…

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