Hi. Firts, i wanted to say sorry for my behavior in the last two days.

I  really want to be a normal user , like when im introduced myself here and dont annoy people anymore

Now, to the blog title 

I  think one of them ost interesting parts of RR were the famiiy teams  Altought the ones i liked the most where the Sisters and Father and Son , all bring something to the Table 

The Sisters, well, i thikl i already said why i liked them

Father and Son. I was suprised about how well they managed a cliche so old like the embarrasing dad and made it into something enjoyable. They lefft in a right time, i think

Mom and Daughter. Taylor was kinda a headache sometimes, but the concept was entertaining enought and they had a satisfing closure. Besides, Kelly is cool and their designs are pretty

Stepbrothers and adversity twins. Well, both teams could have go home sooner, but at least they had good closures. The twins concept could have worked better if the underdog theme was not redudndant at this point in the series,

Anyways, what do you guys think about the familiy teams , and wich ones do you guys like the most 

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