• Kanon 1988

    RR Family teams

    December 20, 2016 by Kanon 1988

    Hi. Firts, i wanted to say sorry for my behavior in the last two days.

    I  really want to be a normal user , like when im introduced myself here and dont annoy people anymore

    Now, to the blog title 

    I  think one of them ost interesting parts of RR were the famiiy teams  Altought the ones i liked the most where the Sisters and Father and Son , all bring something to the Table 

    The Sisters, well, i thikl i already said why i liked them

    Father and Son. I was suprised about how well they managed a cliche so old like the embarrasing dad and made it into something enjoyable. They lefft in a right time, i think

    Mom and Daughter. Taylor was kinda a headache sometimes, but the concept was entertaining enought and they had a satisfing closure. Besides, Kel…

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  • Kanon 1988

    Are the sisters liked

    December 19, 2016 by Kanon 1988

    Hi, its me again  The title is supossed to be  a question but my keyboard missed the question mark. SXo, this confuse me . Nemma is maybe one of the less liked couples here, and Emma is the half of it.  Yet, the sisters made third in the protagonist game . I  wonder , if this is just Kitty 

    Imo, Kitty is awesome but so is Emma, i liked her development 

    If you guys think im being annoying with this topic, thell me and i will leave 

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  • Kanon 1988


    December 15, 2016 by Kanon 1988

    Hi. Im so sorry, for two blogs in very shrt time. I rpomise i will not do this everytime

    But i was not sure about list my like for Emmas as an "unpopular opinion". I  know Nemma is a base breaker here, and kitty seems to be the most liked sister. So,  what do you guys think about Emma as her own character?

    Feel free the comment

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  • Kanon 1988

    Maybe unpopular opinions

    December 15, 2016 by Kanon 1988

    Hi, im a long time   lurker of this wiki,and i wnated to share some of my opinions that maybe are unpopular here, altought im not sure. For example 

    . I  like Samey. i  Dont know , but it seems like she is so hated here

    . I  dont have so much issues with Nemma. I  think they are okay. 

    . I  kinda like Scourtney

      I  Think TDWT is really overrated 

    Obviously, i have many other opinions, but i dont think they are  unpopular

    Well, feel free to comment my opinions  Just be respectful, please  

    I  think this blog has enought lenght to not be against any rules 

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