Total Drama Wiki now has brand new, super shiny achievement awards!!! TDI is one of the first wikis to get them, so this is an extra special privilege.

Achievements are meant to be a new game to encourage participation and helpful contributions on the wiki...think of it as a fun way to get credit for all of the great things you do on the wiki every day! You can check your awards out on your user page, and keep track of the top achievers on the achievements leaderboard! The goal is to celebrate and reward everyone's hard work here.

We understand that some of you area bit concerned about the addition of achievement awards to the wiki, but don't worry-- we're listening to your feedback. We ask that you live with achievements for a week, and if you all agree as a community that you'd rather not have achievement awards on TDI Wiki, we'll take them off next Monday, no questions asked.

In the meantime, play around with achievements and see if you can't learn to love 'em! They're pretty darn cute, just like TDI could be a match made in heaven! :)

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