I've always wanted to do rankings for the characters, songs or episodes, but I could never manage to decide how to place them. That is, until the new cast showed up. I'm pretty happy with how this list turned out - though I may change it slightly as the season progresses.

I just want to clear this up - I don't hate any of the characters. Some of them annoy me, yes, but I wouldn't change them in any way if given the chance. They annoy me, but I don't hate them for it. =)

#13: Lightning - The voice, the ego, the "sha-bams"... At least he's stopped going on about being on a "Team of losers".

#12: Anne Maria - At first I thought she was okay, but then she started to annoy me. Partly to do with her obsession with Vito, since I'm a Mike x Zoey fan. But I'm not completely biased against her because of that - it's just the type of person that she is that annoys me the most.

#11: Staci - Staci was created to be an annoying character, and they certainly succeed in that aim. I'm sure that she's managed to rank down the bottom in more than a few character rankings. But her continuous talking, annoying as it was, was also quite amusing.

#10: B - I thought B was pretty cool, and very smart. It was also interesting to have a character who didn't speak. It would have been nice to see more of him, though, but I guess everyone's gotta go sometime.

#9: Brick - At first I didn't really like him, but he grew on me. He seems sweet on the inside, I love his interactions with Jo and he's great comic relief.

#8: Sam - As with Brick, I didn't like him at first, with his obsession with gaming. Like my brother's, but worse. But he's getting better as the season goes on, in my opinion. I loved him and Dakota, and he was awesome in Finders Creepers.

#7: Cameron - Very cute, and funny at times.

#6: Zoey - Pretty, sweet, kind, funny... And her and Mike make such a sweet couple. She reminds me a bit of myself, or at least what I want to be like.

#5: Dawn - She's just awesome. Cute and delicate, but she can also be determined, as seen in Backstabbers Ahoy. She's so sweet and kind and it's really cool how she can read people's aruas. She reminds me of Luna Lovegood.

#4: Dakota - At first I thought I would hate Dakota, being a fame-monger and all. She may be vain and spoilt, but somehow she still manages to be likeable. It was awesome how she para-glided back to the island, and funny watching her working as an intern.

#3: Jo - She's a lot like Heather, which definitely helps her get my approval, since Heather's my favourite character. Her interactions with Brick and Cameron are awesome and funny, and I enjoy watching her lead her team.

#2: Scott - *Shot by all the Dawn-lovers* I used to dislike him, but he's grown on me. He reminds me a bit of my cousin, and his personality is just awesome.

#1: Mike - Mikey! :D What can I say - his multiple personality disorder is awesome, and he's really funny and cute.

== Love ==
== Like ==
== Neutral ==
== Dislike ==

So, that's it! Feel free to leave a comment to agree or disagree with me, or chat about the the characters. Just no arguments, okay?

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