Yo, dudes. This blog log won't talk about my favorite couples, or why DxC fangirls should learn to accept DxG & TxC. No, no, no. It's my rant against four things that I guarantee you Katie and Sadie are 'eeee'ing about right now -

1. The Jonas brothers

2. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus

3. Fred from YouTube

4. Twilight

If you like any of the items mentioned on the list, don't comment. Now, I'll explain why I hate these certain individuals with a passion:

The Jonas Bros are really popular among their fangirls, as is Hannah Montana, however, I can't stress this enough. They are extremely average. There is no reason why they are famous other than they are a tool used for pre-adolescent girls to crush on (as for Montana, aspire to be). They murdered Stevie Wonder's hit song 'Superstition' with their stupid dancing before Joe Jonas cracked his voice, forgot the lyrics & disgraced him, saying 'Yo Stevie!' It's just awful. Hannah Montana is also only getting attention from Disney corps. & promoting her using their mindless TV series & concerts.

Fred is just simply NOT FUNNY. He does not deserve the #1 spot on YouTube due to the reason which he does not make his voice go high, do funny comedy or jokes, and has the same basic recurring theme. I really wish someone would take him off YT.

Finally, Twilight. First off, Edward is a disgrace to vampires - he is a pedophile, vegetarian, stalker, over-obsessive glittering, almost narcissistic freak. 'Woah there, Jose. Is he really all of that? I say, aren't you hating on him, making untrue claims?'

Well, I am hating on him, however, the claims I make are true. He is a convicted pedophile. Hmm... Bella is 17, he is 117 or older... pedophilia! One more year & she might've gotten away with it. Case two - vampires do not pass up the oppurtunity to eat a good female victim, Bella is no different. Dracula is a vampire, & he does the job right.

Now I'm done. Feel free to hate me, flame me. I'll take criticism. I just simply hate these 4 things.

Adios, amigos! - José

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