I'm comin' straight through, Freehugs y'all clear out!

Lemme tell ya what DxG is all about.

Trent makes some idiotic statement, sayin' he don't give a crap about Gwen's own safety

He needs to take a chill pill, cuz he actin' like a baby

So Gwen needs a friend and she turns to the punk

Comin' through the smoke and walkin' out like DJ Unk

But don't try to hate, don't perpetrate

Cuz he can make his own decision. Courtney's lame, damn straight.

He's the King of the island

She's the queen of cool

Seems normal for them to be together, fool.

Courtney starts to whine about a Basic Strain

But Duncan's done wit her, now she just actin' like a pain

They not fanon no more, don't get it twisted

They just might be the greatest couple ever existed

With that being said, just calm yo fangirls

Cuz with these rhymes I just twisted yo worlds.

Yo fangirls are wack, man, now feel my rant!

My fury greater than a hundred thousand army ants

I'm the biggest DxG fan in this whole earth

Now feel my song, I'll rap every single word.

You tryin' to diss ME? The master?

My rhymes are quick and beats are faster

I'd try to talk some sense int'a you

But all you fangirls are doin' is actin' fool.

You fangirls talkin' bout the pairing

Saying it's nothing but bull

But with statements like those,

Your thoughts are void and null.

Y'all try and stuff my talk page with "Why Trent" and "Why them?"

Acting like you didn't take grammar, but claim you're in Grade 10

So what my TDA's changed? I'm different, don't flame

Just step aside and let me talk, I'm changin' the game!

This place used to have intelligent DxC fans

But now I get called a dirty Mexican - what the hecks up with that?

It's okay, I don't mind, I'll be calm, I love my kind

But the backwards evolution is true - just look at the signs

Your couple can be funny, but predictable too

They show the opposites pairing and nothing else new

For all you adolescents who barely have a clue

Of what your English Class is tryin to teach you

There's too much haters drinkin' hatorade

Don't think you need any convincin' or a serenade

Don't freaking act like you don't know what I'm talking about

And please refrain from caps locks, don't make you smarter when you shout

Y'all are yellling over the internet but your debate ain't legit

Your points are terrible, so y'all might as well quit

Yeah, I might get in your face and I know I might offend

But sometimes to get your point across, you have to do it again!

So don't go cryin' to mama, it's nothing personal

My verses comin' at ya like a subway terminal

Our community's like that, just like a train

So many arguments with zip, nada, nothin' to gain

You tryin' to diss my couple, you dissin' me

Seems like this debate will never end

But seriously, I plead with y'all, DxC fans

Can't get all just start again?

I dedicate to my homies in the wiki and the hood

Shoutout to TDIFan and Nalyd, you knew I would

This one goes out to the fangirls and the mindless horde

Close it out with a fist pump and a point to the Lord

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