Out of all the relationships and their haters, the most popular is Duncan and Courtney, and the least popular is Gwen and Duncan. Why?


So what? Live a little, DxC fangirls.

There aren't many of their supporters on this wiki - Me, CodyFan, TDIFan13, Shinneth, Kgman, Duncan's girl, TDIandNirvana. What I have noticed is that all the haters typically have DxC in their username. Example? Dxc fan forever. Her quote: I hate Duncan and Gwen!!!! IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN POPLE!!!!!!!!

Is there anyone who can put up a reasonable debate on why they do not like Duncan and Gwen in a relationship? They have similar tastes, they're friends, and I get that they're both in a relationship. But it's just not fair how many people have completely no reason for hating it, or show none in their profiles.

I don't like to use names, but typically another Duncan and Courtney fangirl has an anti-message in her profile - Courtneyfan12. " DuncanxGwen-Never going to happen.If Gwen was wise she would stay away from Courtney's man!! " And yet another, from Courtneyfan4ever - D+C 4EVER D+G 4NEVER!!!!!!!! Even IzzyK said "Worst. Couple. Ever." and did not back up her reasoning or any example on why it is.

If Gwen went back to Trent and Duncan and Courtney went back together after the conflict, then it'd just be anti-climatic and expected. Duncan and Gwen, it's actually not bad. But the DxC fangirls will probably flame me after this, so I leave you with one question.

Can anyone give me a REASONABLE answer why Duncan and Gwen is a bad couple?

Don't say "Because they're the same/similar interests" because that doesn't make a flipping difference! Opposites attract just as much as similarities. So just give it a chance or reply to me in the comments.

DxG fans, unite.

Adios, amigos! - José Talk to me! Gracias! 16:46, 17 August 2009 (UTC)