So these are my opinions on the characters coming back for Total Drama: All Stars

Alejandro: Even though I really can't stand him, I think he makes a great villain and I'm excited to see how he'll do on the villains team. I'm also excited to see where he stands with Heather as well. I don't want him to go too far, since he's already been to the final two already.

Cameron: I love the geek but we just had a whole season of him so...yup. It'll be interestng to see how he interacts with the TD classic competitiors. 

Courtney- I really do hope she wins this season. She's worked so hard for it and she still hasn't even made it to the final two! I'm also hoping she becomes nicer this season to show her haters that she's not the brat they claim she is. I also want her to be the cause of Duncan's elimination since he is the cause of every single one of her eliminations, so :P CIT FTW!

Duncan- Get ready for a little mini rant. I'm having trouble understanding why he is coming back. He won his money and he got to keep his prize money. Also, why does Duncan make the merge in every single season???? Comes back third season, cheats on his girlfriend, makes it farther than both Courtney and Gwen....why? Geez, do the writers love him that much? I want Duncney together but geez....I'm getting tired of him.

Gwen- She still needs to redeem herself for me. After that little cheating scandal in TDWT I'm having a hard time supporting her.

Heather- I think it'll be interesting to see if she'll revert back to her season one self (with her hair grown back and all) or stay an anti-hero. I also want to see where she stands with Alejandro.

Jo- I want her to go far and maybe become more...feminine? That'd be an interesting character devlopment.

Lightning- Ugh. I hope he gets eliminated in like, the first episode. Not much to say.

Lindsay: Lots of people are saying that either Courtney or Lindsay will win the season. I think it'd be interesting to see if Lindsay becomes smarter since this was hinted at during "Get a Clue" of TDA. I hope she gets far as well.

Mike- I think it will be interesting to see if his rumored "evil" personality takes over him. But I also want to see more of just Mike, and not so much his personalties. 

Sam: How is Sam an all-star again. Anyway, I don't really have much to say so... XD

Sierra: It's going to be really interesting to see her without Cody. I wonder if she'll give up early or try to win the money for them.

Scott: He's a lame villain and I prefer Heather/Alejandro over him anyday. I think it will be interesting to see the relationships develops with the classic competitors. 

Zoey- Since everyone claims that she is "bland," I hope she gets more development during this season and hopefully more of a "personality." 

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