I'm doing a list, putting a statement explaining the contestants why they were in the bottom two/three and why they were almost sent home instead of taking the originals place.

Here is Total Drama Island.

Name Episode Reason
Courney Not So Happy Campers - Part 2 Refuse to jump off cliff
Harold The Big Sleep Possibly for being physically weak
Lindsay Dodgebrawl Possibly for going out with Tyler
Heather Not Quite Famous Read Gwen's diary in front of the entire viewing world
Sadie The Sucky Outdoors Same thing as Katie was voted off for
Bridgette Phobia Factor Left the forest thus forfeiting the challenge
Courtney Phobia Factor Was too scared to jump into green jelly
Lindsay Up the Creek Reasons unknown
Heather Paintball Deer Hunter Being bossy and chewed up her own team
Heather If You Can't Take The Heat... Being bossy and mean to everyone
Harold Who Can You Trust? Reasons unknown
Harold Basic Straining Duncan, Geoff and DJ kept pranking him along with Courtney but Harold rigged the votes against her
Duncan X-Treme Torture Bailed because Lindsay left him circling the drain
Heather No Pain, No Game Duncan voted her because he thought she had something to do with Courtney being voted off, Eva voted for her because she knew she was responsible for her elimination
Owen Search and Do Not Destroy Trent can't decide who to vote for because Heather got herself invincibility
Owen Hide and Be Sneaky Heather suggested that because he's always smiling
Duncan Hide and Be Sneaky Bridgette suggested that because he's mean
Gwen Wawanakwa Gone Wild! For winning the challenge
Gwen Tri-Armed Triathlon Reasons unknown
Owen Are We There Yeti? For his overeating behavior and ratted Chef's pantry

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