Here is Total Drama Action

Name Episode Reason
Leshawna Alien Resurr-eggtion Reason unknown
Justin Riot On Set Reasons unknown
Lindsay Riot On Set Reason unknown
Owen 3:10 to Crazytown Possibly to wasting the water thus forcing the new tie-breaker
Heather The Chefshank Redemption As usual for being mean and bossy
Justin The Sand Witch Project Possibly for refusing to raise his voice when he screamed
Lindsay The Sand Witch Project For being bossy
Justin Full Metal Drama Beth and Lindsay left his coroner
Lindsay Full Metal Drama Bad admiraling
Courtney Ocean's Eight - Or Nine For being bossy but her lawyer made her have immunity
Leshawna Million Dollar Babies Diss out everybody on the whole wide web during her week at the spa
Duncan Super Hero-ld Being a strong contestant and hurting Courtney as well
Duncan The Princess Pride Being a strong contestant and get back at Courtney
Duncan Rock n' Rule Bad attitude and would make Courtney go crazy
Owen 2008: A Space Owen Harold knew he was a traitor
Courtney 2008: A Space Owen Beth was tired of her bossy attitude and their girl alliance was over
Duncan Top Dog Owen voted for him because he eats more, and Beth and Courtney eat less

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