I have seen CYOA's on the total drama Wiki. I tought of an idea that incorporates that and i added some of my own magical creative seasoning. So, basically the idea that i had was to make one blog for each of you. So, if i had 8 people signup i would have eight blogs. The blog would be named your wikia name (ex: CYOA Jomack).  On that blog, i would ask what your name and stereotype is for your character. Then, from there i could adjust the story based on your choices. Like, if your stereotype was being evil, (heather evil) your choices for the challenge may be something like, A. Manipulate others into doing the work B. Sabotaging the other team, or C. Actually competing. This way, you can be YOUR OWN stereotype and not have a group majority decide. And, when it comes to talking to others, depending on your stereotype your choices for the dialouge could be completely friendly, or evil.  I think this is the better way to go because you control pretty much every bit of how your story goes! But, be careful as talking to someone could earn you a new rival, friend, ally, or boy/girlfirend.  And, because i want this to be completely up to you, you can choose what contestant you want to replace, and the team you are on. You could end up being the main antagagonist of Total drama Island,   Also, you could end up getting eliminated early and placing, 22nd 18th 19th. If this is the case and you want to try again, just let me know and we can go back to the beginning! The most amount of times you can try is 2. Due to the story being long and having like 10 choices just for one episode. But, if i have a small amount of people that actually want to do this, you may be allowed to try 3, or maybe even 4 times.  And, if you do start over, you can pick a new stereotype, name for your character, team, and the contestant you replace. So, if you have a good ranking on the Killer Bass, maybe restart and see the other ways your story could end as a Screaming Gopher. I should add that if your team wins, the person eliminated is tottaly random! Unless of cours you have a big plot with someone on that team or you like them.

​You are allowed to switch seasons AFTER one season with TDI. This season can be anything you desire! But, i don't think it cab be All Stars, unless you are willing to have a run with TDWT too.

Anyways, sorry for the super long paragraph that pretty much sums up my idea. If you wish to be a part of this please let me know by commenting, " ME". If you have any advice on what you think i should do different, please let me know for now, Jomack out.

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