So I'm in early planning for a Total Drama Fanfic - competition-style, with most of the campers from the first three seasons - I'm undecided how many characters will be included/excluded, for now I'm working with around twenty characters. The only characters that I'm almost positive be excluded are Owen, Duncan and whoever wins TDWT, but I might change my mind on that, but I already have the teams, antagonist and basics envisioned.

I'm looking for ideas, particularly competition-related ones. There's not even a real theme decided yet, it's all very basic right now, but I do have a title and a few challenge ideas. Credit will be given - it's all in the planning stages though, and probably won't begin until after TDWT finishes it's U. S. run, or when the game is nearing it's end at soonest.

Ideas/suggestions are more than welcome, but I'm not looking for original characters. I have two I'm tossing around including already, but this is really supposed to focus on the classic campers and the two I am including will be rather minor.

Thanks, - John

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