Because I'm sure there's like... five people who care :D Here's my feelings so far on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and it's new cast. This list is from the ones I dislike to the ones I like most, although the order isn't really super important.

Jo: No thank you. A complete rehash of Eva does nothing but remind me how a character who could possibly be great was utilized poorly. Nothing really sets the two apart so far to me, and so I'm told, nothing sets her apart in the future either. I'm just not happy seeing such an underused character duplicated.

Staci: Intentionally annoying. Glad she was eliminated first - in fact, I'd call it the most deserving of all first eliminations in the seasons. She's a flat character, wasn't developed past her unfunny gag, and she was as bad as she was supposed to be. I guess at least she's unique.

Scott: I... don't recall a thing about Scott from the first episode. I'm anticipating him becoming an antagonist later but really don't care so far.

Anne Maria: She has an idea that can really be worked into something and I anticipate later on she'll develop into something meaningful. So far she's not much though, and the hair spray gag is already pretty annoying. Loving the Jersey accent though. Has traits we've seen before but doesn't seem like a retread.

Lightning: He seems like a fun character but there's not much going for him right now. Kind of a Tyler rehash but I'm going to give him time to develop.

Zoey: Seems rather unique, but needs some development beyond Mike, which she so far is lacking besides basic loneliness. Has a lot of potential but I'm worried her relationship with Mike will dominate her characterization - but I'm open to seeing how Zoey comes out.

Mike: Multiple Personality Disorder, er, Dissociative Identity Disorder, is one of my favorite tropes, but this is another "wait and see" - so far from the first episode most of what I'm getting out of Mike is Cody with DID. Like Zoey, worrying the relationship will dominate him. Curious about his other personalities.

Cameron: Seems like Ezekiel's backstory with a bubble, which is kind of a hurdle towards me liking him. Also physically looks a lot like Urkel. We'll have to see where he goes in the end.

Dakota: She's actually a terrible character and yet, I love her fame monger nature and the way camera men flock to her - she seems like a real reality TV star and not just some poor unfortunate kid caught up in someone's games. I'm expecting her out early, but I find her entertaining.

B: Not as awesome as I'd have expected but he isn't bad. The technical genius aspect is pretty cool but I kind of expected him to stay in the background and have his true nature come out later. Also, I'm pretty sure he's going to speak in the finale.

Brick: I like him, I think he's unique and he kind of combines a lot of different ideas we've seen before but in a kind of way that sets him apart. He's a soldier but he's no drill sergeant - he's not perfect but he doesn't screw up every time either. Liking him so far. Hoping to see him interact with Jo a lot.

Sam: I expected a total rehash of Harold but I'm glad to be wrong here - he's coming off pretty unique, and while I don't expect him to last too far, he's a hardcore gamer, and not just a 'nerdy' type - he's so simple, yet it works for him, I think. And love his bit in the theme song.

Dawn: I won't lie, I'm practically in love with her. She's definitely my favorite of the season and I'm really really hoping to see her get developed, but I have a feeling she's going early on.

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