The new set

Retouched some images again, lol first are Katie and Sadie as they appear in their new outfits during Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, followed by Blaineley and Sierra, both with edits - Blaineley's legs are redone and Sierra's legs are smaller. Noah with Ezekiel's hat isn't changed... then we have demon Ezekiel from Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, an uncapped Ezekiel based on I See London... but with some minor edits based on his messier hair style - just removing two bits of hair that appear when his hat's on as a "zombie" that aren't there when he's not. Then of course is "Zombie" Ezekiel from I See London... which is inferior to the version floating around, but I still felt I shouldn't let go to waste. Finally is feral Ezekiel as we see him in African Lying Society and afterward. I drew it using the reference pic where he's in the cage with bulging eyes, and I'll fix it with regular eyes later.

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