So here's a teaser for the fanfic. Chris, Josh and Blaineley are probably a little OOC, it's my first attempt, thus why it's only a teaser and not the full fic yet. Comments would be loved, and keep criticism constructive!


Total Drama: Unleashed

The Teaser:

Celebrity Manhunt's Exclusive Chris McClean Interview

"Welcome to another action-packed episode of Celebrity Manhunt" smirked a man in his thirties with dark hair, "I'm your host Josh,"

"And I'm Blaineley." smiled a younger woman with blonde hair and large earrings in red dress sitting next to him. "Today we have an exclusive interview with the host of TV's hottest reality series, Total Drama, currently airing it's third season - please welcome, Chris McClean!"

A man with wavy dark hair that was almost certainly the result of a generous amount of hair gel, a strong chin and a wide grin walked out with a wave, "Hey, it's good to here, guys." he sat next to the hosts.

"So you've been through three seasons of Total Drama - are you starting fresh with a new project as was rumored?" asked Josh.

"Ohhh no, not yet! I've still got enough challenges for plenty more seasons." Chris smirked.

"Rumor has it you're bringing in some fresh faces this time around... after a dismal response to the inclusions of new contestants in Total Drama World Tour, what are your thoughts?" Blaineley said.

"Well, with season three still airing, I'm not sure I should give out too many details." Chris smirked. "But I will say plenty fan favorite contestants from our last three seasons are coming back, but there'll be some new faces to, you know, keep things fresh."

"Season three's airing is going well, and it's down to the final three, and some fans are pretty angry..." Josh pointed out, "Sierra just went home last week."

"Well, I'm not going to spoil much... you'll just have to wait and see. Our legal department has everyone contracted for as many seasons as we want them for. There might be one or two new contestants though..." Chris winked.

"How many contestants are in the next season?" asked Blaineley.

"Ohhh... I dunno." Chris smirked, looking away, "About eighteen to twenty. Depends on how generous I'm feeling."

"Owen and Duncan have both won their own seasons of the show - why have they been allowed to come back?" asked Josh, "Some fans complain winners shouldn't come back..."

"Well, we did get a lawsuit over that this year, so we decided in season four, the winners won't be back - so we inked a deal with Owen, Duncan and-" Chris rolled his eyes with a devious smirk as he 'corrected' himself, "Oh right. Well, the three big winners'll be hosting Total Drama Aftermath this season."

"Whatever happened to Bridgette and Geoff?" asked Blaineley, remembering her experiences during the filming of Total Drama World Tour, mind a bit annoyed at the memories.

"Oh? Well I guess that already spoils two of next season's contestants." Chris laughed.

"So you've had twenty-four contestants on the show, and eighteen-"

"We're still not sure exactly how many people, we're still inking deals, here. The legal department's working as fast as they can..."

"Can't you tell us anything about who's not coming back?" Josh asked, a bit miffed at the interruption.

"Well I guess I'll have to admit that we're starting filming in a week so-"

"A week? Didn't you just finish filming season three in May? It's only been a few months!" Blaineley rose up, blue eyes wide with shock.

Now Chris was the one miffed at an interruption "As I was saying, to keep leaks out, the final three from Total Drama World Tour won't be competing again. If we brought back the other two, it'd spoil the upcoming episodes since as we said, the winner won't be allowed to compete again.." Chris explained, "It's a shame, too, you know how popular Heather and Cody are with fans but, oh well. It wouldn't be Total Drama without some drama."

"So, we've heard different rumors about season four, but one producer mentioned going back to your roots... what's all that about?" Blaineley asked.

"...which producer?" Blaineley nodded towards the cameraman.

"Roll the clip, Jim."


A tall girl with tanned skin and curly hair dyed purple and a wide, wild grin stood, holding a microphone to her mouth. She wore a yellow top and jeans as she looked into the camera, "Sierra here for Celebrity Manhunt, and manager of the Total Drama blog network, and I've just gotten an exclusive interview with Total Drama's main but as always anonymous producer !" Behind a curtain, we see the shadow of a short man in a hat with a bit of a hunchback. The video as we watch zooms out a bit, and we return to Blaineley, Josh and Chris.

"Sorry, just let me fast-forward." Josh smirked as he fast forwarded through a significant portion of the video, mostly seemingly concerned with Sierra talking about her many blogs and websites, with a remote before finally stopping it. We close-up back on to the video.

"Well yeah, the show's definitely going back to it's roots, but-" the man said in a deep, gruff voice before Josh stopped it.

"Right... I see. I'll tell our, eh, producer to stop letting this stuff leak." Chris said, clearly annoyed. "Anyway, I'm afraid I'll have to keep that secret until the teaser's shown."

"All right, this is a half-hour show, so we better wrap this up." Josh checked his watch, straightening himself as this interview came to an end, adjusting a bowtie, putting on his best smile, and trying not to glare blue-eyed daggers at the interviewee who was doing his best to be uninformative, "Any closing statements?"

"None personally... but the producers did give me a teaser to roll." Chris smirked at the camera, giving a thumbs-up.

"Hold on, before you roll it, there's one more question." Blaineley said.

"We'd like to know when your famous cooking pilot, Keepin' it Plain with Chris McClean will finally be hitting DVD-"

Chris looked at the camera as Josh spoke, quickly saying "Roll clip!"

Chris was there, standing in front of a large sign with the label CAMP WAKWANAKWA, "We've had three totally drama-filled seasons..." he began as clips from the three seasons roll by at double speed, "Crazy challenges at Camp Wakwanakwa, creating movies an old abandoned film lot, and of course, travelling all over the globe in our jumo jet on a World Tour." he continued, more clips rolling before returning to him, walking past the sign and into the camp towards some old cabins, "This season the stakes are higher than ever, with old and new contestants competing," he smirked, stopping, "For a chance at a huge cash prize - not one, not two, but five million dollars!" He said, giving hand signs for one, two and three as he spoke, "What's the catch, you ask? Well, this season we're boldly going where no reality show has gone before!" Chris said, looking up, "That's right, this season me, Chef Hatchet and the contestants are going into outer space to explore strange new worlds in TOTAL...





Just kidding, that's a horrible idea. Why do you think I vetoed it? Oh no, we're back to our roots next season, as Chef put it so eloquently - we're back at Camp Wakwanakwa with all-new challenges as diverse and insane as ever. So sit back, grab a soda, and join us for a brand new season offf....




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