So planning on my fic TDU is going pretty well so far! :D I'm already making out lists of challenges, teams and such. TDU is going to work as a fourth season of Total Drama in fic, and there's twenty contestants right now. I already made an earlier post looking for ideas, but this suggestion is related to the contestants - who do you guys want to see compete again? Who DON'T you want to see compete? Do you want to see a few original characters or none at all? Who should be the antagonist? Do you want to see some new friendships/relationships?

As always, Chris will be the host, and at least the majority of our contestants will be veterans from the first three seasons. There will be about twenty contestants, and once you're eliminated, you aren't returning. And the winners of previous seasons will be excluded, meaning Owen, Duncan and the TDWT winner will not be competing, but they'll be around for the Aftermaths, don't worry :P There will be three teams total. The location'll probably return to Camp Wakwanakwa, since I'm unfortunately uncreative with locations/overall themes.

I'm hoping to make this a good fic with something for everyone, which is why I'm going out of my way for ideas and suggestions instead of just going how I want.

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