Warnings: Total Drama World Tour Spoilers, Language, Crack Pairing and an Age Difference Pairing. Besides the pairing, really not too much worse than an actual episode besides a few choice words.

Pairings: Noah/Blaineley crack (inspired by Aftermath Aftermayhem) brief Izzy/Owen and maybe a little implied Eva/Noah.

Summary: Noah muses about his elimination while an Intern prepares him for his Aftermath reappearance. Izzy and Eva decide to pay him a visit as well - Izzy to catch up on the last few episodes and Eva to rant about interviewing people for Blaineley. Please leave a review and keep criticism constructive!

Notes: *Some very brief anti-Cody/Noah, more so for humor purposes than anything, I swear. And some anti-Siody/Coderra both our of humor and a particularly genuine dislike of the pairing. Both are fairly overlookable.

  • If you really have issues with the minor/adult aspect, it's just one kiss and there's not even tongue or anything.

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