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  • JohnVMaster

    TRDI Feelings ~ So far

    January 12, 2012 by JohnVMaster

    Because I'm sure there's like... five people who care :D Here's my feelings so far on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and it's new cast. This list is from the ones I dislike to the ones I like most, although the order isn't really super important.

    Jo: No thank you. A complete rehash of Eva does nothing but remind me how a character who could possibly be great was utilized poorly. Nothing really sets the two apart so far to me, and so I'm told, nothing sets her apart in the future either. I'm just not happy seeing such an underused character duplicated.

    Staci: Intentionally annoying. Glad she was eliminated first - in fact, I'd call it the most deserving of all first eliminations in the seasons. She's a flat character, wasn't developed past …

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  • JohnVMaster

    Official Season 5 FACTS

    September 13, 2010 by JohnVMaster

    So lots of rumors are floating around about Season 5...


    • It's in early stages of production.
    • It will feature thirteen characters from the first three seasons and thirteen from the fourth.
      • The thirteen contestants from the first three seasons will appear in Total Drama Reloaded in each episode, but will not be contestants in Season four.
      • Duncan gets one line in the Total Drama Reloaded finale, possibly confirming a reappearance.
    • Alejandro and Ezekiel, as well as the rest of the cast, will be back to normal.


    • Heroes vs. Villians (Suggested to Christian Potenza, but not confirmed)
    • A TDWT lead-in special. (We don't know if it will be made.)
    • Duncan returns. (Based on the one line mentioned earlier, but we don't know if he's actually ret…
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  • JohnVMaster

    I've finished the first chapter - or rather, my fanfic Total Drama World Tour special that leads into it. It's pretty much the longest thing I've written in two sittings, and I've been revising and revising it and am prepared to upload it here and on FFnet soon. I just need a title. To give out a summary, it's basically that the Campers are celebrating being free from their contracts with a paid party at Playa Des Losers - that, is until some of them start disappearing. Meanwhile, Chris and Chef need to find a loophole in their contracts.

    Anyway, yeah.

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  • JohnVMaster

    Some New Character Images

    September 6, 2010 by JohnVMaster

    Retouched some images again, lol first are Katie and Sadie as they appear in their new outfits during Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, followed by Blaineley and Sierra, both with edits - Blaineley's legs are redone and Sierra's legs are smaller. Noah with Ezekiel's hat isn't changed... then we have demon Ezekiel from Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, an uncapped Ezekiel based on I See London... but with some minor edits based on his messier hair style - just removing two bits of hair that appear when his hat's on as a "zombie" that aren't there when he's not. Then of course is "Zombie" Ezekiel from I See London... which is inferior to the version floating around, but I still felt I shouldn't let go to waste. Finally…

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  • JohnVMaster

    Talk:Total Drama World Tour/Archive Sixteen

    Wow, only a month ago, but it feels like months. That, my friends, is where I began the "Ezekiel in the Volcano" theory in response to people's claims at the time Alejandro would throw the money into the volcano on purpose. Now it's September 1st, and we're done - all of the episodes have leaked online from Australia, and we're only waiting on Canada and Cartoon Network's airing to declare the official winner.

    Okay, gloating over. Now the real post. There's the review, a quick list of my favorites from this season, then there's TDWT's effects on TDU, which hopefully someone cares about lol

    Total Drama World Tour has ended it's twenty-six episode run, and I'm surprised in many ways. I enjoyed it - ev…

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