Hi people:

Well, i want to share with all you my comment about total drama sent to fresh tv:

Hi fresh tv: Greetings from a loyal guatemalan total drama fan, i was reading in total drama english wikia and i read that you will receive comments or questions of your most recently season aired TOTAL DRAMA ALL STARS.  Those are my comments:'- The season had good challenges based in previous seasons but the character development leave much to desire, much characters from the season had unexploted potencial and instead of develop them you choose the most repetitive characters. I notice that you consider the opinion from the fans but the radical ones (guwcan, dunkney or zoke fans), its a good start but you must heard the opinion from the fans that not only watch the show for the pairings.'- Not all the reality shows are based in games and challenges, some of them are about the people living in the real world in positive or negative ways. The fact in only use the challenge and game kind of reality show made the season so repetitive and the writters maybe dont have many ideas.' i have some suggestions:'- I know this show is for kids but i look that it have a huge fandom who are now more mature too. Respecting the kids and the fans that follow the series since it started, i suggest to make a total drama for adults (maybe an spin off focused of one of the adult characters or a grown up contestant)  and other total drama for kids.'- Consider the latin american fans, a season made in latin america could be a good idea for the no canadian viewers and lets the canandian ones how is the latin american life style.'Hope you read my thoughts about total drama, this series are special for me because i started to watch it when i was starting my college years. Now i can said tha im a 22 years old fan and i dont have shame.'Thank you for the oportunity,'  Att.'                                                                                                                                                    Jocelin Mazariegos If someone gets offended, i say that its MY personal opinion and i will respect his or her opinion too. 

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